First Trip by R 80 GS

In the past I have teased you about what I am into while on holidays. Well I like to put some fun between my legs and therefore bought a R80 GS Motorbike. Firstly Urda and me joined her dad on his Farm at Omitara for Christmas. Coming onto the 2-spoor pad I nearly threw the Bike away as that was the 1íst time I ever encountered thick sand on such a behemoth.

On the 27íh we left and toured down to Kalkrand via Nina, Uhlenhorst. There Wally Lofty-Eaton has a nice idea about Camping, the spot costing N$ 60.00. Tallies near Karibib has really gotten his act together with the same idea of offering affordable camping facilities. Urda does the layout of some tourism brochures and therefore constantly hangs in my ears about nobody offering anything for the locals.

We then proceeded on through Maltahoehe (Hotel would have cost 260 for us 2 plus 30 bucks each for breakfast). That afternoon we stopped at Duwiseb Castle, which cost 80 N$. After fixing my centerstand and refreshing ourselves on a Tafel or 2 we visited the castle- impressive (reminded Urda of Hurst castle in SoCal) Next morning I watched my friend Vicus tow away a Hilux that had forgotten its antifreeze- resulting in a blown top gasket. Off we went down to Helmringshausen on washed out roads. The rear bottomed mercilessly, which made Urda think her spine was thrusting through her Helmet. After politicking in the Bar we went on to Aus. On the way thick sands and a merciless wind from the west made driving difficult- Urdaís backseat comments though really wasted me. In Aus we had a well-deserved refreshment and then battled a strong headwind to Luderitz. I realised the Bike was suffering and lifted the Needles in the carb a notch. You instantly heard the improvement.

In Luderitz I stayed with my friends Volker and Daggi, who looked after us well. Sadly Volker had no more vacancies to Saddle Hill and we then left on the 31 December for Rosh Pina and Oranjemund. New years was Amazing as the main street was cordoned off and those few souls remaining in Oranjemund, Braaied there. Every car and bar had Brenda Faziís latest, in every conceivable volume and Means of distortion. Sadly no shop or restaurant was open. Eileen did make our stay comfortable but it was like leaving a ghost town on the 3írd.

Port Nolloth was next on the Agenda, which had a spiffily set Up Hotel, and our stay at the campsite in McDougallís Bay cost fewer than 80 Rands a night. Although right next to the Sea, we felt something better was to come and left via a tweespoorpad for Hodeklipbaai. After a very strenuous trip we arrived and found out at the Policestation that the Shop would hopefully open "Tomorrow". When asking for petrol (our tank was sloshing emptily) we were informed that the shopowner also owned that. In desperation we asked for a Bottlestore and were assured that the same individual also owned it. The Policeman though then made my mouth water when he explained on how to get to this secluded Bay, with a shipwreck nogal. Urda was braindead by now and did not fancy the prospect of sitting on the Beach with 1/2L of water at our disposal. The cop finally understood our plight and explained that Hondehokkies could help us. These proved to be chalets housing 5-6 people for 200 Bucks. The owner was most friendly and helped us with beer, Wine, Wors and even Rolled some spuds into foil for us. That evening was grand and after tanning the whole day on "our own beach" we felt like the Crusoe's especially since Aristeaís Wreck was right next door.

On the 5íth of Jan we wanted to fill up our Tank and casually head for Ai Ais. Not only did the Sunburn hurt, but also the fact that they were out of Fuel until the Next Day. I get about 4-500 Kmís on a Tankfull and had last filled up in Oranjemund due to it being easier to ride in the rough stuff with a Light tank. We were also informed that Ai Ais was closed in the summer due to the heat. So we eased into Kamieskroon with 3 L left in the Tank. Then we drove in the Rain through the Flattest Country we had ever seen to Pofadder. This is a Town teeming with Dronkies and German VW Testers. The Hotel proved very comfortable with swimming Pool et al costing us 400 Rands to Eat Dinner, breakfast, overnight and barduty.

The following day we crossed over at Onseepkaans. The drive there proved to be a very irritating 25-Kmís, as Urda became the proverbial backseatdriver. At the border we sorted out our differences, found the Officials most helpful on both sides and left for Aroab via Hamab. Urda was dikbek for Hours and only the green Countryside got her to relax eventually. The advantage was that we could make hasty tracks. Namibia really did its best to be beautiful. So at Aroab we had a very helpful Sentra Proprietress book us a Room at Koes. Which braindamaged instance decided to remove the "Hou Links" from the signboards? Are we starting another program similar to the Germanisation one in Nazi Germany, except this time for Namlish?

The new Koes Hotel owners made that Dinner the Highlight of our trip. They really deserve support, as they try hard and give excellent service. Our Bill came to 300 Bucks, which was worth it. Our visit at Uri next Morning was a day to late as they had just relocated to Witvlei. Also why was Mata Mata ever closed? This could help Tourism for this Town. So via Gochas we finally hit Mariental and decided to stay at Hardap for the weekend to spool down from our trip.

Hardap had a very alert gatekeeper who went beyond his call of Duty to bring us braaiwood to our Bungalow at his shift end due to him seeing that we would not be able to transport that by Bike.

The Saleslady in the shop was pathetically bored. Although we were woken every morning by the cleaning squad taking away our old braai ashes, I can only say that the rest of the resort is filthy. Below the restaurant there are signs of braaivleis and the ever present broken Bottles. Selling Beer in cans could alleviate that to an extent, but only proper cleaning and strictly enforced Littering fines will put a stop to the pigs in our population.

Seeing that we have become a warmongering Nation, that will definitely keep Tourists out, maybe some operators should look at the Locals as a possible source of revenue. I think it is steep asking 600N$ and much more for a Coupleís Accommodation, by the way so do overseas tourists! Malawiís ask 1 to 3US$ pp. for a Camping spot, why do we have to pay 30 N$ or more? Add to that your Braaiwood at N$ 10 a bag. Hotels charge 200 $ minimum per couple. I know that next year I will probably holiday in South Africa due to it being cheaper. If you have a guestfarm/Lodge/campsite that caters for us locals, send me a Brochure or other details and maybe I can find a way to promote you.