20 Years of Nick's Racing


On this website, there is quite some information, as to how Nick's racing came to be in Namibia in 1993.
I decided to condense it on these pages, so that you can follow what has happened over the last 20 years.
Please feel free to add info, pictures and experiences.

Firstly I have decided to do a photo collage of the events leading up to my opening the doors in September 93 & then take it from there.

In 1992 I returned home for Christmas and decided that life could not be better anywhere :)

Since I already knew that I had shipped a few performance parts over already

This meant selling my speedshop in Denver, Colorado

and packing up my belongings in the van on the right, moving it all up to Lorain OH

I decided to build my own custom crate to move engines & parts down to Namibia

I then went over to the Continent again to pursue some further business interests & pack another Crate with tools & personal effects for home

Sadly this box was broken into at Transnamib & I was only notified of this weeks later :(

My partner & me looking at our handiwork, the Lotec Group-C Mercedes


And then it was off back home, to Windhoek, where I had problems storing all my parts

Luckily I quickly found a shed in Lafrenz

This I shared with my good friend Eddy, RIP.

I built all my Tables, shelves etc. from scratch

Enjoying Namibia whenever I had the time


To be continued....