Bike Trip to Cape Town 2000

Since Last Year trip I had done some Mods. On our trusty BMW 80 GS, as in going to a Torque cam, Porting the Cylinder head and opting for a 1000 cc Aftermarket Kit. This Decreased the Fuel Consumption from 14.1 Km on a Litre to 19. Giving me a range of 600 Kilometres. Also power went up from 37Kw to well over 50. It has become a Torque monster peaking at a whumping 70 N.M. plus at 4000 Rpm.

To get to the trip, Urda and me decided to go down to Cape Town, starting on the 26 December. Urda was dragging her feet to get going and we only left at 2. I wanted to take it lightly at first travelling dirt tracks (0047) to Maltahoehe, where we camped at the Tourism office and had a excellent "Boere ontbyt". I realised my Right fork cap was Leaking and Marauns gracefully allowed me to fix it there. Every year I seem to fix my vehicles there- sorry guys, and thanks! Urda was more than thankful that I had beefed up the wallowing Rear Suspension by fitting a White Power Shock. Now the Bike handled and when it bottomed, did so painlessly.

Just before Lunch we left towards Konkiep Lapa. We did not take our leisure and hit Helmeringshausen far to quickly. We then carried on at a more Leisurely pace arriving around 4íish. This place is great and different (go there it is worth it). Next Morning we carried on towards Rosh Pinah via Huns. It was a spectacular Mountain/Valley ride leaving you breathless, if you are in the mood. At Rosh Pinah they only sold Bottles (ideal for Nature) and in a disgruntled state we carried on to find a magic spot on the Orange River. The South can really be beautiful and on a Bike you only really feel the heat when you stop.

The next morning we were swarmed by Miggies and made tracks to get going (even I did not miss breakfast). The trip along the Vineyards was spectacular. Previously I had fitted A 1000GS headlight Cowl to keep the Wind Buffeting down, on the rare occasion where I went at speed. My left Fork cap was now weeping and I decided to make tracks from Noordoewer to hit Springbok before Lunch. Here we hit an exemplary clean Ford Workshop that allowed me to quickly fix that. Our Lunch was made memorable by a retired Canadian professor who toured the World on BMWís. It took great efforts to drag Urda away from this interesting Fellow and the Carlings, but I wanted to hit Hondeklipbaai before nightfall.

This trip was planned on the assumption that we were going to carry on where we left of last year and cruise on down the Coast to Cape Town. 2 Problems with this. Firstly we did not give ourselves time to settle in to the "Cruising mode", resulting in our tempers flaring up and us therefore not noticing the beauty around us. We finally got to relax at our previous spot next to the Aristea; this made all the difference. Secondly Urda (more than me) saw Hondeklipbaai and ultimately Cape Town as our Destination, instead of seeing the Journey as the destination. I have done a lot of travelling and I have observed that everybody gets a "Temper Attack" sometime. I believe you get this, because your Civilisation conditioning does not want to permit your mind to go into "Landstreicher mode". So for the next trip, I will force us to relax for a day or 2 right at the start of the trip (no you canít do this at home).

Relaxed on the Morning of the 31íst we decided to skip the idea of Beach riding due to the Beemer not being happy in Sand and because now finally "nothing mattered no more". We travelled a short while inland past Wallekraal and then proceeded south. This was beautiful backroad travelling, only marred by Urdaís pants sticking to her exhaust burn wound she had inflicted on herself a day earlier. It was idyllic travelling through places such as Kotzesrus and others not even marked on maps. In the Afternoon we arrived at the Soutpanne, where we tanned and shared our 3 warm Beers. Old Years eve was celebrated with Blikkieskos and the last few drops of Jack Daniels. By about 10 it started raining and we crept into bed. Urda had chosen the place for the tent in a moss overgrown vlei. The more it rained, the more I thought of my final words, should we get washed into the Sea.

The morning of the 3írd Millennium dawned with us being dry and cosy. An Empty Highway whisked us to Koekenaap and then to Strandfontein. This area will see me again. I am still Boggled by how Drunk the Capies can become. Late in the Afternoon we hit Lambertsbaai and sadly Civilisation. The Camp Ground did not allow Dogs and Motorbikes but the one down the road did, "maar hulle vat ook Swartes". I did not mind paying 50 Bucks to overnight at Malkopbaai, with a Colourful and far friendlier attitude. From here onward we could not find a Campground that welcomed us.

That night we decided to splash out in "Die Kreefhuis", ordering a Lobster Romano and Thermidor. I like cooking myself, but never knew that one used "packiessous" for this. My advice avoid that place and go down the road to Muisbosskerm which is famous for itís eat as much as you want system, booking is essential. The next morning we paid to go along the railwaytracks to Elandsdorp and then took tweespoorpadjies down to Velddrift. From here on we bade dirt roads goodbye.

That night and the following we treated ourselves by staying in the Paternoster Hotel. The food was excellent and the dinner at was unforgettable. On the 4íth we left for Darling to visit my good friend Wilferd. We spent a few hours BullÖ and then went on to Yzerfontein, so we could camp there and hit Stellenbosch the next day. Well in Yzerfontein they only took Caravans, and in the other Camping places towards Cape Town they made it impossible for Motorcyclists to stay over. I believe this is caused by 2 reasons:

In the years past Motorcyclists were the "poor" rough element. The Municipalities have not yet realised that most of us use their Cycle as a hobby and pay more for it than most compact cars.

Sometimes Bike groups "invade" these Campsites for their Rallyís and make an absolute nuisance of themselves. I am sure that goes for any group of people wanting to have fun.

At Melkbosstrand we had enough and phoned Helga for instructions on how to get to her plot near Stellenbosch. We had a few good days with them until boarding our Bus to Windhoek on the 7íth. On the 6 January I left the Bike at Chrisís place, so he could make a different Exhaust. This is to get the heat out of the Motor and make place for bigger panniers. I am to pick it up on the 16íth march when we want to proceed towards Durban. This trip cost us both in Total, apart from wear and tear.