My Dad owned Rosenthal Gun shop until 1973. This is where I probably got instilled with a keen interest of Firearms. I am not that much of a fanatic hunter, but rather somebody who is interested in the mechanics. The Mechanic's include the Igniting of the propellant and discharging the Projectile (Bullet) from the Barrel.

I then use a Chrony to measure the Velocity of the Bullet 10 m from the Barrel.

As you can see on the Photo, I use an scope, for which I am an agent.

At some point the Spent Cartridge shows Pressure signs. That is my maximum Velocity. It is important to understand that is the major reason why I reload my own ammunition. Not necessary to save money of shop bought ammo.

What I then do, is make Batches of 5 round loaded down from my Max velocity in increments of .5 grains. This gets fired over a Bench rest, to see what load gives me the best accuracy. For those of you who are interested in Statistics, here is a Sampling of some common calibers (I take NO responsibility, if you want to duplicate these results):

It seems that the .243 project has come to an end.
Now I am considering to build the Hammer of Thor
I have written a comprehensive article on Load development, specifically on the 6.5X68
I have some more photo's out there.

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