Land Cruiser 4.5

22 June 2011 since the last changes were made


These rumbling emanate due to this Motor having been around for 10 years or so (I did a full house mod on the 1íst one early 1998), being immensely popular, tough, tunable and typical for most modern Multivalve motors in 4X4ís.

So early in May 08, Urda & myself set out to Joburg to purchase one (I do believe in buying locally, but not at those insane prices).

It had 120 000 Kmís on the clock and I immediately fitted a K&N replacement filter before driving up to Windhoek.

Once here I fitted a Unichip, but did not bothered fine-tuning it.



Consumption after fitting the Unichip &K&N averaged 6.05 km/L at 115-120 Kph


I have fiddled with various Header Exhaust systems that has resulted in a quiet (we want to do game viewing also) unit which is giving me a fat increase in Torque. The dotted line in the Backgound represents the standard power output.



On the 4 October 08 we drove to Witvlei at a true 120 kph, and got a consumption of 5.66 Km/L against a strong headwind.

I have found a electronic way to calibrate the inaccurate speedo of these vehicles- I now divide my speed by .9 to get a accurate reading. This of course also neccecitated the calculation of distance travelled/.9= correct distance


I thereafter averaged 5.6 to 6 Km/L (17 L/100 km) with this St 2 conversion (K&N, Uni, Zorst) driving briskly.

Early in January 2009 we travelled over 1200 kmís on graded roads at an average speed of 80kph (according to my GPS) maxing out at 131 kph and attaining a consumption of 7.3 km/l or 13.7 L/100 km.

The worst consumption I saw from Mile 108 down to Henties (93 km) of heavy-duty Beach driving, just scraping to get 4 km/L



SH_1332Some time ago I got in a Cruiser that had received a full-house conversion in South Africa with head, cams etc. This was supposed to be the ultimate power monster. To me it was just Loud. It used copious amounts of fuel and had less torque than a stock Cruiser. After Dynotuning it via the Unichip, I was surprised to see how it only made a little more power over 3500 RPM than my Stage 2 Cruiser. The screen shot of my Dyno on the left illustrates this point well. To put this into usable perspective, 3200 RPM in 5íth is already over the legal speed limit.

This prompted me to port the head on our Cruiser and see what I can achieve. The pictures are on FaceBook. After our Christmas trip to Cape Town in 2009, I got the following Fuel consumption figures:

Best†††† 6.3 Km/L†††††††† 15.87 L/100 Km

Worst4.32 Km/L†††††† 23.15 L/100 Km

Ave†††† 5.83 km/L††††††† 17.15 L/100 Km

You can rest assured that I never considered to grid my cam, as this seems to cause the substantial loss ofTorque on these 1FZ-FE motors. For the 40 Nm torque lost at low RPM the gain was maybe 7 Kw at high rpm. I think a bit more power might be gained by splitting the stock Cams.


4I am quite impressed how much power our 4.5 Cruiser makes now. The Dyno graph to the left compares our Stage 3 cruiser with the Loud Cruiser mentioned earlier on.

This illustrates how much more power ours makes below 4500 RPM. Ours makes over 20 Nm more torque all the way up to 3500 RPM

Let's face it how much time do you spend between 4500 & 5500 RPM ?


The porting of the head & intake inclusive of reconditioning cost5625 + OEM gasket set 2735.20 & the labour for removing & refitting is 3500 including setting the valve timing etc.

Pricing on 10 September 2013:

K&N replacement filter††††††††† 725.00

Exhaust system†††††††††††††††††††††† 8500.00

Head porting††††††††††††††††††††††††††14850.00 (If you use original gaskets etc.)

Unichip tuning††††††††††††††††††††††† 3500.00

Stage 3 Conversion cost you25 000 all inclusive and takes about 10 days


Research on other Cruisers, such as the Brownian gas experiment has already been published in Newsletter # 55.



I welcome you to eMail me your comments on these Cruisers:

Hi Nick,

War letzte Woche auf der Farm.  Gebrauch bei 120km/h Ė 15.2l/100km, 130km/h Ė 14.8l/100km, 140km/h Ė 17l/100km.  Lagsam fahren auf der farm oder in der Stat gibt mir 19l/100km.


Bin zufrieden.