Last year I received a fax stating in essence:

I have received advice from various people regarding…. Everyone has told me that my… does not have a free-flow exhaust.


Which raises the issue, what is a free flow exhaust, a Stage 2 cam, a gasflow…

Maybe one should be more precise in calling it a performance exhaust, street performance cam, ported & matched head ?

Maybe also one should not ask “various people” for advice, but rather go back to the original supplier of the service/product.


The crux of the matter is, whenever you get into a relationship- sort out the difference between what you demand to what you shall get and vice versa. How many marriages break up simply because of a lack of communication ? Same is in Business. Just because you bought a Carb from me, does not mean that you get a free tune-up.


Also once you decide on that person or company, stick with them until it really does not work out. We Namibians are a weird lot; changing our Doctors, Mechanics, Lawyers etc. whenever we seem unsatisfied with their performance. Why not stick with one person and coerce them towards performing better ?


If you come to me berating somebody else’s work, do you think I will be impressed ?

Dar is geen rede om ‘n ander ou se naam %&$ te maak..

Not only are you breaking the ties with him permanently, but I gather you will do the same with me should you not be 100 % Satisfied.

If you are happy with somebody’s work- tell him or her !

If you are unhappy, then discuss it with them.


While I am trying to get back into work for 2005, a old problem has reared its ugly head again. a Few have their vehicles modified somewhere else and then expect me to fix the job once it goes sick. Let me give you some examples:

1)                  Last year a friend comes to me with a Hilux 2.7 where he fitted a blower himself. After going to a franchised speed shop in South Africa to have it set up properly, his fuel consumption increased by 5L per 100 km.

2)                  Somebody has his 2.7 Hilux modified in South Africa and on his return the Bakkie breaks down near Gobabis.

3)                  Gent goes to Cape Town to have an Audi 1800 Turbo motor fitted to his Caddy and then laments the lack of performance in Windhoek.

4)                  Another Hilux 2.4 owner has his car Modified in SA only to find it now “rucks en plucks”.


We all cook with water, so mistakes do happen. But make sure you go to somebody right from the start, who can and will help you out professionally. No use trying to find competent help once it is to late.


By the by; if you live in Windhoek and have your car tuned in Cape Town, you need help ! Their Atmospheric pressure as well as fuel type is vastly different to ours.


Quite often I get approached by people who want to enquire about somebody else’s Services, but who are in “competition” with me. Come on ! Do you think I am sending you and your money away to somebody else ? If I can’t do it fine. By all means do your investigations and then choose your shop of choice. But then don’t go looking for somebody else if you are not satisfied. Choosing a shop is like a marriage- it has to work out !


One thing ensuring a “happy marriage” is informing your new partner of your habits, vices and general behaviour and then advising them of what you expect in return. I expect payment as agreed, as well as a positive, polite and honest attitude.

If you cruise at 170 and expect a decent fuel consumption, please let me know.

Why, you might ask ? Because most sane people do not cruise their 4X4’s at that speed on a gravel road, so why should I bother to set it up that way. I normally concentrate most on the range between 100 to 140 kph. But if you want it, you got it !


Remember that words of kindness are 100x more constructive than bitching. So why not spread some joy ?