This M20 E30 325  came in with Stage 3 Modifications, all we had to do is tune it.    difficult with a dying TPS

My E30 323 supposedly has a 2.7 low compression motor in it

Run 3 is actually run 2 after we modified the exhaust with an X-piece for more torque
Run 2 is the final run done yesterday after my MAF conversion and tuning that using the Unichip

Now with the M52B28 motor in it:

The graph above a fully modified (Head, zorst, cam, tune) M20B25 with raised RPM against the stock M52B28 with a tuned header exhaust.
Quite an impressive power difference

Since the ECU was not seeing Full throttle between 1500 and 3500 rpm I had to removed the Oxygen sensors and shorted them out on the ECU, to tune it properly.
The advantage was going far leaner than Stoiciometric at part throttle.
So far I had gotten 7km/L worst 9.76 best on long road average 8 km/L = 18.8 mpg over 4000 kmís. So hopefully these consumption figures can be bettered
The old M20B23 motor gave me 6.88 km/L= 16 mpg at best
Read about this Car.


E36 BMW M3 blew a tyre on my Dyno mid 2011, when the before run was made.
So obviously something has changed on the vehicle since then, as a Unichip is unlikely to increase the power this much.

E 36 3.2L twin Vanos M3

E 46 320 with 2.2L motor

E46 M3 3.2 2002 model