Bantam 1.3 with Rocam

Bantam 1.6 Rocam

Rocam 1.6 that had been fully modified with head, cam etc. This shows it is worth tuning afterward, especially if it is to make more power than a stock but tuned Bantam ;)

1.8 Focus with a Duratec motor, after a St2

The bottom end will feel stronger than the graph suggests, as it is a drive by wire system.

3L Magnum V6 that had been "tuned" previously...

If your gained so much power with a corresponding fuel consumption reduction, you would also babble incoherrently ;)

3.4 V6 Courier Bakkie. These are often worked into an abysmal state of tune.

4L Ranger normally picks up quite a bit more, but this one had a make-shift Free-flow fitted

This old Ford F 100 with the old I6 motor responded tremendously well to a tune-up :)

Same F 100 as above, but with a well tuned 351 W fitted

No wonder the customer said "

Baie dankie vir die Ford se tune. Hy loop baie mooi en is nie te sleg op die brandstof verbruik nie. Ek het nie geweet jy maak exhaust anders kon jy vir my een gebou het." :)

This just shows how much power a 351 W engine can gain by a proper tune-up.
About 40% at 4000 Rpm. The slight loss at the bottom is caused by my having to take timing away. With time & effort one could reclaim those 2 kW

3.0 TDCi after being tuned with a Unichip

3.2 Bakkie T5 with 6 speed Auto where we eliminated the Roadspeed governor as well

This client with the 3.2 Ford t5 just SMS'd me "20% improvement fuel consumption at 130km/h. Thx"