This KB 240 LE responded quite nicely to being tuned with a Unichip after having a stock-replacement K&N airfilter fitted

This is typical for the improvement of a Diesel vehicle on the Dyno :)
In this case a KB 300 LX

KB 250 D-teq std output benefits from a cat gutting and tune

The KB 300 D-teq HO with 130 kW must have a de-cat for it to tune successfully

KB 320 that is pretty much standard apart from a LOUD ineffective Free Flow

This 320 had headers, K&N fitted & then tuned with a Unichip
The Typical graph is for a tuned standard 320, whilst the red line is after fitting of the Exhaust, but before the K&N and Unichip- 20 kW gain is impressive !

This KB 350 came in with a LOUD exhaust, but otherwise stock

The KB 360 is a bastard to tune, but it does deliver the right results :)