2L Lancer

2.4 Colt to which we had fitted a K&N also


This 3L Colt 24v Bakkie simply came in for a Unichip & K&N:

a Pajero owner with the same engine commented thus "just wanted to update you on my car, so far I see about 1.5 to 2km increase per litre which is pretty decent, power is good and ride is smooth so no complaints from me."

3L Colt 24v Bakkie
The blank plug run was with the incorrect spark plugs fitted and the after run was after my re-tune.
The Before run was with the map of the other tuning shop- one could see them being scared to tune at high RPM :)

It made more power than the typical Colt, as it had a freeflow fitted.
Imagine how much more power it would make with headers, Head-porting & cams :)

Triton 3.5 Petrol that had first been tuned to consume more than 1.5 km/L by the dealer (Run 1), then we fitted the Exhaust(Run 30 to get a reasonable consumption back and finally tuned the whole system (Run 2) for the customer.

Pajero 3.8

Triton 3.2 Diesel that was simply tuned right

We get quite a few 2.5 Tritons in from Angola, where they are very popular.
Some of them run very rich stock & we have finally found a way to get more power from them safely :)

The development is not yet finished...