1.6 Sunny (similar to our Sti) st2

2L STI  We did Unichip it 6-months earlier with good results. These runs only show my fine-tuning after the customer did some mods of his own

Skyline GTR 33 2.5 NA

Thanx again for the amazing job done!

2L X-Trail Automatic

2.4 Nissan 16v after fitting a K&N & Performance Exhaust (fuel consumption went from 6 to 7.7 km/L):

X-Trail 2.5 after K&N + Exhaust was done, with a Unichip still in the works

Navara 2.5 Diesel showing a healthy increase after tuning the Plug 'n Play map :)

128 kW version where we only did the Exhaust and K&N as the vehicle ran stinking rich already

NP300 2.5

3L 16v Hardbody

Another 3L Hardbody 16v with a Intercooler fitted by us

NP 300 3L with an aftermarket Intercooler fitted that required us to tune it accordingly:

3L Nissan Patrol MY2015, improvement for anything we do on it :)

3L Nissan which we have brought to Stage 2

The customer commented "Die Bakkie loop soos ‘n droom. Vir die eerste keer het hy 180km/ph geloop.  
Sy petrol verbruik is baie beter. My man het ‘n nuwe speelding." :)

2X4 Nissan 3L where the customer had done his own exhaust + K&N, asking us to tune it


This JR cam equipped 3L bakkie came in with timing at 0 and being sick

3.3 Standard to which we did a St2 (K&N, Tuned header exhaust and Unichip tuning)

Run 3 is with the exhaust and K&N, but with no tuning- showing how much is gained through that.
The typical is of others trying the same as us, expect that we are tasked to tune that

3.3 Nissan which the customer had modified to st2 and thereafter when after some glitches were fixed

We fitted one of our S66 cams with K&N & Unichip into a 3.3 Bakkie (a Exhaust would have helped too, but there was no time) where the customer commented afterward:
Die krag van die bakkie is wonderlik, presies soos ek dit verwag het. Ek sleep gemaklik tussen 100 en 120km/h.

Die brandstof verbruik het verbeter van 2.93km/l na 4,6 km/l as ek die horsebox sleep

Z350    The only mod here was to remove the road-speed governor & fit a K&N

I did try tune some points and picked-up a lot more power thre, which i do not show on above's Graph

4L Navara St 2 where the before run shows what a conglomerate of "Tuners" managed to achieve. We changed the Exhaust (leaving the headers), added a K&N & re-tuned the Unichip
This also removed the dip in the powerband :)

This is what another happy customer wrote:
Ek is baie tevrede met die werk wat jy op my 4000i V6 Navara gedoen het. Die brandstof verbruik het verbeter en die voertuig het
baie meer KW en NM. Almal wat met die Navara  gery het wil weet wie het die ombouing gedoen het en dat daar  beslis n groot
krag verskil is in vergelyking met die standaard Navara. Dit is n plesier om heeltyd krag onder die regtervoet te he. Ek sal jou
ombouing vir almal aanbeveel. Ek sal verkieslik nie die ombouing in SA doen nie omrede as daar dalk n fout plaasvind  kan dit n
logestieke probleem wees om die voertuig te herstel.
Ek gebruik my Navara baie Off Road en het tans geen probleme ondervind nie.

4.5 Patrol that had been modified somewhere else to ping over 2800, so that we had to take away timing ! Graph only shows the tuning difference

This 4.8 Patrol bakkie St2 is K&N+ Zorst + Unichip tune

Fuel consumption decreased from 19.5L/100 to 17.5