This Corsa 1.4 came in sick

This 1.4 was a mess of a 270 cam & a weird exhaust

This 1.4 came in afterward with a St2 conversion done by the customer Who said that Tuning a car after fitting Branches & a K&N was not really worth it ?

1.6 Corsa Hatchback with a St3 conversion incl. a 270 cam

1.6 Corsa hatchback with a St3 conversion (initial run was done after exhaust heads, cams etc. were done already)
The owner had 5 maps tuned to be switched via his cell phone (Bluetooth):
Tuned on 95 petrol
Tuned with NF Octane booster
Vehicles Standard map
Valet Map
Map to take a 35 NOS shot into account


Everything work 100%. Iím very satisfied. The valet map work too.
We spoke about the dyno results. Please sent it to me. 

One of your very satisfied customers ( :-) )

1.8 Corsa that was standard after a K&N & tuning