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This 2.8 Defender came from a "respected" tuning chain, for a re-tune

This V8 Range Rover 3.5L had some mods done by the customer, such as 3.9 cam and a FF. Thereafter it was tuned by a professional.
Due to making too little power, we retuned it and built a proper and more silent Free flow

TD 5 will surely be able to pick up more, once we can do more development on one

The Td5 was superseded by the 2.4 Duratorq motor and when that was unable to meet emissions, by the 2.2 -both referred to as the Puma motors. These motors were also used in the Transit and our Ranger, each tuned totally differently.
This 2.2 Puma Defender gained quite a bit of torque where it counts: