3ZZ Run X where we also fitted a K&N but no VVTi or lambda adjustments were made- only fuel & timing tuned:

This shows the healthy increase on the 1.6 run-X once we also do the exhaust (making it a St2):

2ZZ Run-X TRD 1.8

The 4Y (2200) is still a favourite with many farmers, due to it being a bulletproof motor. Beware of the cheap Chinese imports though
I would not want to have my vehicle modified by a person who does not know what he is doing- red line

This 22R Hilux had a full-house conversion done, showing a massive performance increase with no lost torque. Our speciality :)

Baie dankie, ek kan nie glo dit is dieselfde bakkie nie. Ek het n gemiddeld van 120/130 met gemak sit en ry en soms 140 met die terugkom uit Windhoek Saterdagaand. Petrolverbruik- 7.5 km/l tot en met Usakos. Wat vir my uitstekend is in vergelyk met 6 van tevore.

2.4 Condor that we did a St2 on

3L Hilux KZTE, Our IC is far more efficient, which will not show on the Dyno, unless I hold it under power for a minute or so.
It was rainy & cool today, therefore this huge increase :)

2007 Prado that runs the stock top mounted IC on its KZTE motor

2.5 D4D Hilux, known for their lack of power before the Unichip

This 2.5 D4d had a Intercooler fitted & subsequently tuned with the Unichip

 I would say it easily gained 20 Kw over a stock vehicle. Remember this car came in making substantially more top-end power than usual.
Another customer wrote "Man, die bakkie het soveel guts. Ek is verskriklik in my skik met die bakkie. " :)

2.5 Quantum 2.5 D4d, where we can also remove the 100 kph road speed governor succesfully

2.5 Fortuner D4d with factory Intercooler being tuned for most safe power:

The client responded within 3 hours of getting the vehicle "Ek is BAIE impressed! Nie gedink dit gaan so "massive" verskil maak nie." :)

3L Fortuner D4d without playing with the boost

3L Fortuner D4D & having the boost adjusted also

3L Hilux D4D after doing Timing, Fuel & boost

Nick, ek wil net dankie se. My hilux is nou soos n nuwe bakkie. Hy trek nou baie beter en is so 1.3/1.5 km/l beter. Sien jou weer as ek n ander bakkie koop
Another client whose 3LD4d we did a while back
claimed getting close to 100km more per tankful, in town driving !
And another client who made my day "
Ek klim in die bakkie en besef iets besonders het gebeur. Die bakkie het iets wat hy nooit gehad het nie. Asof dit `n ander bakkie is. Baie dankie.
Dis eers toe ek die grafiek sien, en nie kan glo wat ek sien nie , kon ek  verstaan wat dit is wat ek erfaar het.
Dis geld baie goed spandeer, elke sent daarvan die moeite werd, baie dankie.


The 2L Vvti picks up power quite nicely, just from a Unichip. Imagine what it does with a tuned-header Freeflow + K&N

This 2.7 Hilux pre-Bullnose came in backfiring & making little power. After the tuning :)

2.7 Bullnose that shows the 2'nd run with a Unichip & K&N fitted

Same as the previous, showing that all vehicles are different. On this one we also corrected the speedometer reading

This 2.7 Bullnose Hilux came in for a re-tune

2.7 VVT-i which we tuned & fitted a K&N on- it had one of those restrictive intake swirlers' (supposed to reduce fuel consumption) fitted, that I removed.

2.7 VVTi Quantum

3.4 Prado showing how every car differs. This one made less torque than is typical, but had quite a bit more on top tuned into it
Interestingly enough the customer came back after testing it under normal driving conditions, and said he was now getting 1.5 km/L more than before :)

4L Hilux, where we can remove the Torque-damping in the mid-range quite nicely

4L Hilux Automatic which had a St2 conversion done

This 3F Land Cruiser came from a service and we then did a tune-up:

What is interesting
Run 2 with K&N
Run 3 standard air-filter assembly
CO ii without air filter
Showing again, that a car with a K&N makes more power than without a air filter.

This 3F Cruiser came in with a Weber Carb fitted, already making more power than a stock 3F. The exhaust made a huge difference.

Porting the head will nearly double the stock power at 4000 RPM

This 4L Cruiser came in stinking rich

We did a St2 on this 4L Cruiser =K&N, Exhaust & a chip fitted

Ek wil maar eerstens dankie s vir die goeie werk op my Cruiser ek is baie "happy".

This 2016 D-cab V6 Cruiser came in with a LOUD header-freeflow and we did the St3 conversion (Including ported heads)

The 1GR Toyota motor can gain 15 Kw easy over my previous St2, if you are prepared to live with a extremely LOUD exhaust !

Then again it is a rumbling noise that a lot of enthusiasts want :)

It is difficult to produce a graph for the FJ Cruiser, as they are Automatic

As you can see the gains are noticeable, also decrease on  the consumption side

This 4.5 was only tuned by us

4.5 Cruiser that shows the difference a K&N + tune make, especially if it was "tuned" by somebody incompetent beforehand

4.5 Cruiser Bakkie with oxygen sensor for a K&N + Tune

FJ76 Cruiser Bakkie V8 Diesel single-Turbo

After further development, we can now get so much torque from the car that the clutch will break !

CRUISER 200 2UZ-FE 4.7 V8 with K&N & Unichip


Cygnus with a 2UZ motor std and after we did a Stage 2 conversion

Cruiser happy
Einsparungen 3 bis 4 Liter per 100 km


This local 105 series Cruiser came in with a SAC fitted turbo & intercooler that was leaking & badly adjusted- before run.
Sadly on the bakkie a front mounted IC makes them overheat when pushed at high speed