I often get asked to tune cars which the customer had modified himself. In this case a 1.4i Golf I done full house with a 272 cam, head etc.

We did a tuned-header exhaust + K&N and Unichip tuning (what I call a st 2) on this Polo 1.4

The st 3 was somebody else's job including Gasflowing & camshaft. What do you want a car that pulls hard up to 5000 rpm, or one that only makes power just before redline ?
let the customer speak:
En soos u gesę het…ek is heel tevrede met die Polo.
Het nie gedink ek sal so groot verskil voel nie. Wat ek nou baie van hou, is dat ek nie meer hoef terug te change na 4 as ek agter motor of truck is om te over take nie, en dit trek ook vir my lekker.
En ek ook tevrede met petrol verbruik.
Nogmals Baie Dankie vir als en groete.

This Golf 1.4 turbo was done by the Customer & we just had to tune timing & fuel

1.4 Polo GTi that had a downpipe and K&N fitted- I am sure no flashtuning will ever make this much reliable power

This 1.6 Jetta was modified with a 276 cam & we were to tune it

This Polo Vivo 1.6 responded nicely to this St2 conversion. Even the stock replacement K&N made a nice difference- as expected
Feedback: "Ek wou al vroeer laat weet het. Ek is regtig baie gelukkig met die verandering op die Polo. Dit trek lekker en als is nog heeltemal in orde."

2012 Jetta 1.6 Tdi with 77 kW at the crank

We re-tuned this Golf 1.8 after the customer had a St3 conversion done to it. Partly by SAC. This proves that it is essential for you to tune your car after some hefty Modifications

Combi T5 1.9 L

This 2L FSi Turbo gained over 30 % in power aty 1500 RPM ! This is only after doing the Exhaust & K&N. There are good reasons why I shy away from "chipping" them.
The customer advised later "Ja wat  hy  loop nou  baie  beter....en  die  petrol  verbruik  is  nie  te  sleg  nie...eks  heeltemaal  tevrede...Dankie "

The Amarok Bi-turbo improves considerably after being tuned with a Unichip

On this 120 kW version we first did a de-cat

This also shows that no 2 cars are the same, as per the average graph.

2.8 Jetta VR6 with a Viper FF and open K&N fitted by the client-shows what difference the Unichip Tuning does