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We currently offer two stand alone Fuel Management Systems with the following specifications:


Gotech MFI PRO

The Pro unit features the following:

3 Ignition Outputs (50 Amps per Driver)

3 Fuel Outputs (50 Amps per Driver)

2. Configurable outputs i.e. Vanos / Fuel


The Pro Unit is primarily used for wasted spark and enables the use of crank trigger systems such as 60 2, 36-1, 24 tooth, TDC etc.


The new Rotary mode is well tried and tested with approximately 20 vehicles and feed back from customers is excellent.


In terms of Ignition; the system allows the Use of either Ignition modules coupled with coil off Time control, or using the Direct Fire feature coupled with coil charge time.

These options are software configurable.


Other features include Closed Loop tuning and Launch control.


Mapping allows for 640 load sites for ignition and fuelling, with a maximum of 14 ms of injector time.


Gotech MFI Std

The Standard MFI unit requires that the vehicle is fitted with a distributor and single coil. The unit is limited to a Single driver for injectors and a single optional output driver which may be configured to drive injectors, direct coil fire, fuel pump or shift light.


Both units allow for the use of both Throttle position sensor and map sensor.


Trigger signals should be hall effect (Square wave) for best results. Sine wave trigger signals require the use of TP500 modules,



Current market

Gotech products have taken the South African market literary by storm and sales are growing exponentially showing an average growth of around 15 % per month.


Gotech is currently marketing their products in both France and Germany and are expecting good results in both countries.


Gotech products carry a lifetime warranty against component failure, provided the unit is installed and used correctly.


Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact me.


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