20 August 2010

The GOTECH-MFI system was designed to provide a low cost, easy to use micro-controlled engine management system. The system is fully adaptable to suit engines from two cylinder up to six cylinders. It provides easy tune-ability for both normally aspirated and turbo-charged engines using electronic type fuel injectors. GOTECH-MFI provides two distinct yet integrated systems namely the ignition control and the fuel injection control.

The Package includes: MFI (Micro Fuel Injection) box, connection harness, relay, injector plug kit, user manual and SOF-TECH configuration software.




The Gotech MFI Pro system is an Upmarket version of the standard MFI ECU. This unit has additional features allowing greater control over Engine management. The ecu contains many more components providing for the greatly enhanced functionality. This ECU offers outstanding value for money and is much more than just "Competitively Priced"

Gotech MFI Pro Special features:
Input Signal Standard OE 60-2
Coil Per Cylinder or wasted spark in most cases
Facility for TDC input - Other various crank trigger inputs
Phased sequential injection
Injector bank trim facility

Optional outputs to be used with:

  • Shift Light
  • Variable Valve Timing
  • Nitrous Oxide Systems

Ignition Control features:

Full control over ignition timing at preset RPM intervals and 32 load intervals
Interpolation between load points for smooth timing transition.
Ignition control input provided by engine speed and manifold pressure. (software mixable)
A rev limiter is provided to prevent dangerously high RPM to be exceeded.
Progressive 3-stage gearshift RPM warning lights provided to remind driver to shift up.
Ignition is fully configurable using serial link to P.C. or laptop.
SOF-TECH 2-D software provided for easy tuning. (Windows)
Timing Configuration Up To 10 000.(16 000RPM in near future)

Fuel injection features:

Staged Fuel Map.
Full control over electronic injector time at preset RPM steps and 32 load sites.
Interpolation between load points for smooth transition.
Able to drive 4 X 2W or up to 8 X 16W injectors.
Sensor input include:
  • Manifold pressure.
  • Intake air temperature.
  • Throttle position.
  • Engine liquid temperature.
  • Engine speed.
  • Lamda (Closed loop lambda control)
Rev limiter cuts fuel supply to prevent over-fuelling.
Fuel injector time mapped at 500 RPM intervals from startup to 10 000 RPM.
Mixture adjustable from inside cockpit to enable setting up of map..
Injector time is fully configurable using a P.C. or laptop using SOF-TECH Software.
Closed loop lambda control (Exhaust O2 content) monitoring through SOF-TECH Software.

Additional features include:

Map programming can be done on-line or off-line and files loaded later.
Files can be uploaded and downloaded through friendly file management interface
In cockpit display provides:
  • LED for power on.
  • LED for injector output signal.
  • LED For Timing Output Signal 
  • Potentiometer for mixture setup.
  • D-sub plug for COM-port interface.
Sof-tech-MFI Software features:
Runs in Windows 9x environment. 
User friendly interface with easy to navigate screens.
Files can be downloaded / retrieved from MFI or hard drive
Files can be uploaded to MFI or saved to the hard drive.
Maps can be rapidly smoothed using our curve-up or curve down feature.
Maps or map sections can be copied up / down through RPM ranges using variable % increase or decrease.
Block sections of map can be adjusted simultaneously
All RPM ranges can be adjusted simultaneously. (active load site only)
Input screens include: Fuel, Ignition, Configuration, Air temp correction, Water temp correction, Battery volt correction, Micro staged fuelling map.
Optional data logging feature at a sample rate of 30 Hz up to 60 seconds duration. Data is displayed in a highly configurable graphic output.