Ford 3.3 V6

Congratulations on the purchase of our 3.3 litre Ford v6.

This motor was designed around the old Ford V6 3L.

Originally we had used Kolbenschmidt pistons with a SBC rod and a stroked crank.

Due to our Customers often "Leaning" on an Engine we have had Hypereutectic Pistons manufactured in the USA.

Further development resulted in our now making the following:

3.3 L Torque motor for 4X4 Use

3.3L Regular for those that want a RPM range above 4000 Rpm.

3.4 L uprated with these Hypereutectic pistons for more reliability and power.

3.4 L Torque for those who need Power at low RPM.

3.5L Torque Motor for those who canít get enough.

Of Course we can mix and match and have Twin-Carb 170Kw engines (albeit "rough" with a 290 deg. Cam).

The Ford 3L has a Heron head (Combustion chamber in the Piston crown) and Cooling system that is Antiquated. Both lead to Overheating related problems.

When starting your ice Cold V6 give it a minute at 2000 Rpm for initial warm up and then move of Briskly avoiding to go over 3 500 Rpm and more than Ĺ throttle until the Coolant temperature has normalised. 6 L (Depending on Model) sump capacity needs time to warm up, so try to avoid Long Full power runs until the Engine has been driving for at least 30 Minutes. If you keep the Motor below 4000 Rpm you will very likely see it do far in excess of 300 000 kmís.


IMPORTANT, if this is a Crate Engine that you have just installed, go through this procedure please to ensure a trouble free start:

Once you are satisfied all is OK, take her out and in 3írd gear, give the motor a 3/4 throttle burst bringing her up to 3/4 of maximum RPM (4000) at 3/4 load (normal hill)- do NOT lug the motor. Then coast her back in gear to use engine Braking. Repeat this 5 times. Recheck all and within 1500 km retorque and check through everything, while swapping in Antifreeze and 30 Weight Oil, also suitable for diesels, no additives please!

Running in means adhering to the 3/4 Rule the first 1000 Miles and avoid constant RPM including idle. Watch your Gauges, as they will tell you if something is wrong- slightly higher Temperatures can be considered normal in the beginning. City driving is ideal for that, allowing you to load the Motor from Robot to robot. Thereafter bursts of full throttle is OK but you should avoid constant full throttle until the motor is loose which can take up to 10 000 Kmís or longer if you only run at low RPM.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any Queries.

Best regards

Nick von Bergen