What about the Hobbyist ?


As of 1993 I have been concentrating on modifying the utility vehicle.

My success was greatly attributed because I backed my work and products in a way nobody else did.

I modified everything from plaasbakkies to racing cars.

I hoped to have acted professionally to the best of my ability.


What made the difference ?

The job must be reliable. Reliability always takes precedence over performance.

The customer must be happy getting what I promised. In other words I try treating him, as I would want to be treated myself.


If you come to me with a request, I should have a solution that works.

That is what defines a professional with a few years of experience.

So far this covers all professions from Clergyman to Neurosurgeon.

What happens though if you tell me how to build your wundermotor ?

You also tell your proctologist where to cut ?


This is an old phenomenon, and not only in my trade.

Back in the US of A I knew that when the latest Hot Rod, Popular Hotrodding etc. hit the stands I would be inundated with calls to build an identical motor. The Articles normally punted their Advertisers product or the products that the specific Engine Builder was au fait with. When the masses phoned me I usually advised them what I can build for them, often beating the advertised power/torque at a cheaper price. How could I do that ? Definitely not out of generosity. Heck no, I could do that because I bought items that worked for me in bulk.


I am not saying that these Articles were wrong or hiding the facts. What I am saying is; that we all have different ways of doing things that work for us. Now in 2004 History is repeating itself. There are more people building “project vehicles” in Namibia than ever before. This is great ! It keeps them out of the Bars and out of trouble. Please see that in the light that I am dead set against “street racing”.


Now it comes to a personal dilemma, and maybe you want to comment on that ?

Maybe you have just read the latest Article on how to squeeze in excess of 500 Hp out of this 20 valve 4 cyl 2 Litre motor. The article describes the exact components used and you excitedly waive said Article in front of my nose. Don’t laugh, #1 it is possible to do so on some motors and 2’ndly I have people send me 2 Megabyte emails with such a scanned Article attached.


It is easy supplying the requested components, never mind if they will work, after all the customer KNOWS what is doing. For instance if I supply massive throttle bodies, how am I suppose to dynotune the vehicle later ? My problem is, I have a conscience.

Ignorance is a concern too, for instance I get daily requests on Cone Filters which are cone shaped clamp on filters, flowing less than a comparative sized round or oval Filter. But try to educate the customer…


If I build the Motor exactly as described in said Article, who takes responsibility over the result and reliability ? Do you think that all these “project cars” live a long and happy life ? You only read about stuff that works at time of going to press but hardly ever about the failures.


I have no interest in compromising my reputation. So how do I get out of this situation gracefully ? I do not want to seem unhelpful though.