Introducing Nick von Bergen

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Dis geskrywe om my en my besigheid aan die Leser voortestel, sowel as om een miskonsepsie uit die weg te ruim. Wat is 'n opgewarmde Motorkar ? Ek weet wel wat opgewarmde kos beduie of 'n ou wat vuurwarm is. Opgewarm en Motorkar gee my die gruwelike Beeld van oom Piet wat agter in sy Yard met 'n Anglegrinder sy Tops Port.

Ek stem volkome saam met mense wat se „Boere, Warm motors (of vroumense)en Bankbestuurders kan nie saamwerk nie". Dis hoekom ek waarsku oor "Folks Hotting up their Motor".

Een rede hoekom ek my Artikes probeer skryf, is vir die, wie se wete oor karre will verbeter. Dis verbasend hoe baie Vroue my al laat weet het oor hoe hulle die Artikels geniet. Eintlik behoort dit `n mens laat dink ?

Dikwels gebeur dit dat mense my net ken deur die middel van Agriforum en ander Koerante, sowel as wat hulle met my oor die Telefoon gepraat het, of deur die elektroniese media met my gekomunikeer het. But when I get to meet these people in the flesh, kry ek normalweg die reaksie van „Ek het gedog u is `n ou man met grys haare. I have the blessing of looking young, as well as not being too perturbed about all the stress I get (hence no grey hairs- yet!). Ich habe mich deshalb entschlossen Euch einen Lebenslauf zu schreiben, damit Ihr wuesst wer Nick ist und was Nick‘s Racing darstellt.

I was born in Windhoek and spent most of my life here exept for 7 Years spent in South Africa studying. In 89 I left for overseas, working in the fields of Motorsport, wich included Lotec Group C. Thereafter I ventured into performance modifications and problem solving for respected international Tuning companies.

After spending some time in the United States, it was realised that there was a tremendous market for American Performance accessories in Southern Africa and I moved my company into Namibia.

Please note that Nick’s Racing does its own direct importing, and can therefore be most competitive pricewise. The conversions we do are a result of working closely together with American and Australian experts, resulting in a professional and extremely Reliable result. Engine modifications are normally sourced either from America, Australia, Denmark or England- where they have to pass stringent Government tests. Thereafter they are adapted to Namibian conditions ensuring the customer a result that is matched right to his needs. Due to me having worked for various Racing Teams / Tuning companies overseas, I can pool into a vast amount of knowledge by just picking up the phone and delivering instant results. This and the company’s close involvement with South African companies, give us a finger on the pulse of the motor industry. Often resulting on us supplying solutions to problems as the vehicle is released such as Mazda Drifter Heavy Duty Limited Slip Differential, and even such minor things as the 2.5L Combi bolt in exhaust branch.

Initially V8 conversions were the rage, and our Landcruiser swop is still a Favourite, is Lighter, more powerfull, cheaper to run, and more reliable than the Straight 6 it replaces. Furthermore it costs less than an original engine rebuild, by supplying a guaranteed Chevy.

Development is constant. For instance a kit was developed for the then new 2.4 Hilux engines that boosted power by 30 % and increased fuel efficiency by 50 %, all this was available the day the new series was released. Our aim is to increase efficiency wich will also make the vehicle last longer and run smoother.

Of course various modified engines and related speedparts are available of the shelf, including some Suspension parts. A selection of Adapters and heavy Duty Gearbox as well as Overdrive and Limited Slip Diff's are permanently stocked.

The Ignitor aftermarket Electronic Ignition prooved to be a real good runner. This unit replaces the points and condensor and connects directly onto the stock or performance coil, with no "Black box" to worry about. This is a boon for people who have problems with their Points, (such as manny Mazda 2600 owners) or their Timing, since it never needs to be adjusted again. This actually went so well we now also stock High Quality Coils and Plug Wires.

For years K&N Airfilters have been known to give superior Filtration while being less restrictive than any other Filter in the Market. Their long intervals between cleaning and their 1 Million-Mile Warranty make them ideal for the Industry where they prove most economical. Nick’s Racing is the direct Importer and Agent. My involvement with K&N stems back many years and if K&N does not carry a particular Filter we can have one made up, though this should hardly be necessary as K&N supplies original Filters to: Formula 1 Teams, Truck companies, Car manufacturers and Industrial machine constructors.

Since the founding of Nick’s Racing in Namibia in 1993, the company has concentrated only on quality automotive parts.

My chief Goal is, supplying Quality Automotive components(Guaranteeing most goods for 1 Year or more) throughout Southern Africa, trying to Ensure that I have unique products.

So far I have had a small workshop that installed said parts. Also we can Fabricate parts.

Having a vain nature, I sometimes do try problem solving on Customers vehicles. Though I prefer concentrating my development on OEM parts that might not suit local conditions.

I would like to close by saying that I have also benefitted through the Agriforum by having learnt a lot of things not only concerning the landboubedryf. For instance untill the Des 98 I never knew what a Simbra was, though I was quite Au fait with: Cross your heart bra, Maternity bra, Wonder Bra, Tennis Bra ens.

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