What will a modification result in ?

This page is a result of these type of questions:
Nick. I have a 1.4i golf. 62kw now if I give you my top to gas flow ,cam etc by how much will my power increase and top speed
hey nick..if got a polo 1.4 and i wanted to know from you what a person can do perfomance wise to the car?
What's possible with a Toyota L/C 2006 P/U, and why can't i get a K&N filter for it? Can you remove the speed limiter?
Nick, I'm planning to buy a KB 360 D/C 4X4 A/T. The owner did already fit an exhaust  and I would like to know what you can offer me to increase the kw and nm of the vehicle. Some people say it's not worth to spend money on Uniq and I also heard that people are talking about air box modification.

All these questions basically ask "What will a particular modification do to the power output of my vehicle" ?
I think the easiest is to go through my Dyno database and look at what a particular modification did to someone else's vehicle.  You need not just look at your type of car to get an indication.

I have done so many different vehicles since returning to Namibia in 1993 that I can guestimate a performance increase. Then also my Header Freeflow will gain 40 Nm at 2000 Rpm whilst that of somebody else only manages 15 Nm but makes 20 kW more at 5000 Rpm. Not only does a similar part of 2 different suppliers make 2 different results, combine that with other parts and it really gets confusing.

Let me give you an idea on the Golf type motors where I'd start of by fitting a K&N filter as that will not only increase performance, but also decrease fuel consumption. If you are not happy with that, then you still get your 1 000 000 Mile warranty :) Now you fit a different type aircleaner and find out that your vehicle leans out to the point where you actually loose power

You listened to me and fit a freeflow Exhaust with headers to your vehicle as step 2. Now we have 3-types of branches: One we developed for torque to complement our cam, another is built for mid-range top end and the 3'rd has been popularised by another shop- so we keep it, in order to make sales.
Also remember that the header & exhaust function as a unit & we spend a lot of hours working this out. So it does not help fitting a header I designed for torque on another companies Exhaust that was designed (if you are lucky & they are professional) for top-end.

You then decide to have your head ported in order for your motor to move the gasses more effectively, finishing it off with a cam that the tuner of your choice recommended.

If things were done right you will now have a car that performs better than what it did stock and all you need to do is tune it right with a Unichip to really make it fly.
If you listened to the wrong friend, you could have a car that made less power than stock, has flat spots and drinks like the proverbial fish. A Unichip makes it better, but not what it could be had you listened to somebody in the know. The Opel graphs illustrate these scenario's quite well.

But if you only do a cam ? I would not know, but there are few cars that really perk up from just this mod.
Or only a Branch ?
Generally I can guarantee a minimum of 20 % more for a full-house mod.
Sometimes we build a very efficient exhaust where I can guarantee 4 to 5 kW, as on the Daewoo Matiz.

You need to square the power to double the speed on  most modern vehicles.
If your Corsa 1.4 has a top-end of 192.7 km/h there is little I can suggest, apart from a bigger motor, so that you can go over 240 kph :(

I hope this has cleared up the confusion arising over specific hardware changes.
Either you do it in the sequence suggested and by one tuner or YOU take responsibility for the outcome.

Now what does the Unichip do ? I think that has been explained in other Newsletters already.
All it does, is change electronic signals. With that I can make a Motor leaner or richer, move the moment where the spark happens, change the RPM point where the variable cam timing happens, remove the road speed limiter etc.
Basically I can set-up the motor the way I or the customers want it :)

This page is still in the making and I'd enjoy your feedback on my thoughts :)