If I may reflect on the year past, I must say that the Namibian population has been punished by major businesses closing down, a Drought that seems to get worse by the year, a unrealistic hike in Fuelprices and a Government that seems to promise without delivering. I don’t think it s going to get better.


Lets face it EFI is here to stay and nobody wants to do diagnostics. Which brings me to the point, I have been asked recently “What do you think will be future developments in the automotive sector?” The major manufacturers are all eyeing the environmentally friendly “Throwaway car”. The idea is to build a Vehicle that will last for 3 Years/300 000 km’s without any dealer attention. Instead of purchasing the vehicle, you will lease it for 3 Years- never service it- and then return it to the dealer who will scrap it and in return will receive a few bonus emission points.


There are 2 ideas behind this. Firstly the “Nature Nazi’s” will be kept happy by a vehicle that is Low on emissions, technically sound and then can be recycled. The Automotive Manufacturers think it is a good idea because you cut out the “Maintenance problem”. If a car can be built Maintenance free you have to train a minimum of staff on problem solving but none on maintenance. So called “Maintenance errors” can hopefully be cut out then.


So you will in future have a new car every 3 years and no maintenance on them. Since we will all order via the Internet, the Manufacturers can put together exactly a vehicle like you should want. In effect most vehicles will then run on the basis that nobody may touch it for 3 years, which means I will not be allowed to modify. If this is going to happen in Namibia is doubtful, whether it will actually work in Namibia is highly unlikely. We experience problems here that nobody else ever heard of.

I used Club Internet for my Cyberdealings, but with that lot “Service provider” is an Oxymoron. On this note let me allow myself to comment on various things that float around my remaining gray matter.


What beats me is that people always have a major job done just before going on Holiday. How the heck are you going to catch minor problems? Do everyone a favor, when you know that you will go on leave plan in Advance and organize all before the Holiday is on you. Your Ulcers will love you for that.

The other thing I don’t understand is workshops that are too busy to check out alternate suppliers- they are doing their customer a disservice.


Why is it that it takes at least 2 months after my Staff went on holiday for them to remember how the job gets done. Is there a big Vacuum out there in Holiday land that sucks out Brains? Actually it is no better with the rest of the Business world. Once they return from their leave they forget that there are still jobs (or Money) outstanding. I have now put up a list of the “Bad boys” who don’t pay me plus their feeble excuses, in my office for all to see.


Wat my taai maak, is that people complain about paying 250 N$ to have their timing & CO adjusted but will gladly pay their Doctor 500 Bucks to diagnose that they have a cough. Even worse they will gladly throw 100’s of Buck’s around in their favorite Tavern- where the only benefit they reap is a full belly in the evening and maybe a moerse Babalas in the Morning. Also some people just can’t resist a bargain even if it helps towards nothing, but the price is right.


Why is it that people are quick to shout “Claim”, but when it turns out that it is none, they don’t want to pay us fixing said “claim”?

Included in this Syndrome are company’s that do not pay their Invoices, even if reminded. Once we finally manage to catch onto the person responsible we have to endure such Bull as “sorry maar die Job is nog nie reg nie…”. I have no problem in facing a claim, but this is just pure manure, If I want to claim something of anybody else I do so immediately when it becomes apparent, not 6 months later when I finally get tracked down for non- payment.


Why are there people eager to order express, phone me thrice daily to enquire the whereabouts of their goods, but then get Alzheimer when it comes to paying? Or put in a Rush order, which they never bother collecting. I suppose the indifference of a lot of Namibian “Fly by nights”, has caused this attitude.

What I would like people to test more thoroughly is the validity of so-called “Agents” or “Dealer”. Any honorable manufacturer appoints only a few “authorized” dealers in certain Areas.  The fake or fly by night “Agents” will normally give you no backup on their goods and the appointed Agents have all the right in the world to refer the conned customer back to the factory.

I also see it is popular to emulate someone successful, such as the Sunscreen Song, which is just a copy of a speech from 75-year-old American sci-fi writer Kurt Vonnegut. This he gave to students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 97. Sadly so, some people have also been conned by some “Performance Shops” into believing that they are getting the same but cheaper service than from us. Often this means buying a whole lot of new components once these “speed shops” have messed up.


I recently had a “Friend” phone me and ask me advice on his failing Combi 2.1 Motor. After literally spending hours on the phone discussing the alternatives, he then turns around and buys his parts from somebody else in South Africa. Incidents like this make me so “unfriendly” on the phone. I was suggesting fitting an 1845 Golf motor, or for more torque one of our 2 litre units. This makes more Power and Torque than the original 2.1 it replaces and it gives you the advantage that VW agents can still work the whole shebang. Any case VW gets the #1 award from me for their parts availability, there is hardly a Engine part they don’t carry.


I carry Bosson pipes for Blasters & Banshees and recently overheard somebody mentioning “Dis maar net Boere pype, maar hulle klink heel anderste”. A lot of people by goods from the USA, because it must be better. Why then are most races in SA won with Bosson pipes? The same thing goes with modifications, quite often I have irate people coming to me with their ported in SA heads and asking me why our modified vehicles run circles around them. Sometimes local is not only Lekker, but better too!


Have you also noted how History repeats itself? Just a few decades ago everyone drove big Ford’s and Chevy’s and all of a sudden everyone jumped into a Datsun 1200. Now your engine displacement is getting larger by the year. Muscle cars like your KB 320 are selling like Coppertone at a nudist convention.

On a personal note I find it sad that every year Cars gain more “plastic components”, I love the smell sight and feel of leather, wood and aluminium. No I am not an English Car fetishist. What I am into, you can only find out if you know where to find me whilst I am on Holiday. With this I wish you a good one.


It seems that Namibians do not intend using their Vehicles Indicator Lights and if they do, they forget to switch them of. Also why do you trigger your Right flasher when you want to advise the person behind you that he may overtake? This would make sense if we drove on the right of the road (as in Europe). I trigger my right Flasher when I want to overtake. Scary scenario! Also in this country it used to be drive Left pass right. Nowadays if you are foolhardy enough to drive left you will run into a Taxi picking up or dropping his fare. That must be why Windhoek has 3 lane Highways running through it, I used to think it was for the Speedcops to test their new toys (gatsometers).