01 November 2004

No 2



This probably describes what we do best: make power with economy.


I now stock headers (Branches) for:

4L Ranger V6 priced @ 1810.33 cash and 4000 installed with a 2.5”Freeflow

Small port Mazda 1.3, 7 stud flange


+ Our range of Ramrod products has increased.

On the 21/10 I updated the Ignitor site with all the fancy dual fire & rev limiter pages.

Also I finally sorted out the bug in my GOTECH page.


I was astounded that my Mom’s Colt 3L Automatic picked up 20 Kw and went from 60 litres Fuel to the farm and back (350 Km’s met rondryery) down to 40. All we did fit a UNICHIP + K&N.


There are 2 things on a vehicle that will not necessarily give you such a massively Enhanced Efficiency = Increasing Performance + Reduce Fuel Consumption.

1)                  Knock Sensor, a Engine with one will run close to ideal timing, though we can still fine tune it.

2)                  Lambda sond, as that will pretty much keep the Air/fuel ratio close to perfect for the catalytic converter to work best at cruising. No it will not give you the best economy or power. All we can do is perfect the mixture at full throttle.

But it still makes a difference as a few 2.7i Hilux owners can attest to.


That’s all for now