15 November 2004

No 3


Hi there



As you might know the Weber factory in Spain has been on strike since March and I doubt whether there will be any DCD, DGAS and DGAV carbs on the market by now.


My idea was to build a universal throttle body that has the same base (all the above carbs have the same) with 2 throats and 2 Injectors (must be able to handle 120 Kw combined). The top should be the same as the DGAS, as that will give the customer the biggest range of Air cleaners. A JHB crowd called DDS tried to market such a system a few years ago.


I believe there is a massive market out there for any old car where the carb has gone sour. Conversions etc.

There are still 1000's of Carburetted cars on the road which need a new Carburettor.

The Agent's usually don't have, so they turn to the aftermarket.

36 DCD usually gets recommended.

So either one has to import an alternative, which I have looked into and found a willing supplier but sitting in Windhoek....


BUT, I am certain that a locally produced throttle body with a GOTECH (or similar) system would be the thing to have.

The installer does not even need to do timing, as most customers just want to replace their whacked out carb.

The performance shops also need something easy to fit.

a Set of side draughts EFI systems, do not bode well for the Farmer with his Hilux 2.2 Bakkie !


I contacted some players in South Africa about this, but they only wants to do Side draught units. At about 10 000 Bucks a shot this is just not viable, after one adds Intake, Air cleaners etc.


So far all I could source was a single 40mm Throttle body with bosses for 2 injectors. This will work, but not perfectly. Then one has to ad a TPS, Fuel pump Air filter etc.My fitted price would be in the region of 6500 N$. But I am sure that with time (and orders- read quantity) I can go lower than that.


Letís see where this leads us to


Stay well