06 December 2004

No 4


Dear Valued customers


Please click on the attached link, once on the page click to listen to the interview, some great details about K&N form Sema 2005.


Grass Roots Motorsports reports on activities of interest to Grass Roots Racers (primarily road course racers, SCCA and rally race enthusiasts). A reporter stopped by the K&N booth at the recent SEMA show to talk about K&N's newest applications. The attached link includes a brief write up about K&N's SEMA presence and an .mp3 interview.  


I have just done a K&N and Header-Freeflow on an elder 4500 Cruiser Stationwagon. Power did pick up substantially, but the CO was rotten.

I finally came right by substituting the K&N inside the Airbox for one on top of the carburettor.

CO at full throttle went from 8 % to 3 % overall and at mild throttle fell by over 3 % at RPM over 2500. Tremendous !

I guess I’ll have a customer that will now smile every time he fills up and when he passes a slowboat up a hill.

Power went up by 15 Kw.


Let’s see how busy we will get next year with the proposed drastic escalation in the Fuel price and my money back guarantee that I can decrease your Fuel consumption significantly ?


I think I’ll be one of the few outlets dropping a lot of prices in 2005, if the Dollar exchange rate continues this way. You can see my Ignitors have decreased already.


Before you consider a grey import, please think about it !

At least once a day I am being lambasted by somebody who bought a bargain only to find out that it has turned into an expensive ”hoenderhok”.

It saddens me to see somebody being hurt in such a way.

There is nothing I or anybody else, except the original supplier of the vehicle, can do to help.


Those of you who have been mislead into thinking that we only modify 4X4’s



Stay well