15 December 2004

No 5





Sadly I had to increase the price of my Exhaust systems before EOY, due to my suppliers having increased their prices in September. But we have built some excellent Systems in our shop.

This not only increases performance on the 3.3L Nissan V6, but also makes a soft beat (not the usual screeching noise).


There are 2 things I want to share with you:

1)†††††††† Quite often one forgets the range of goods in stock. Recently I was reminded that most people do not know that we also do Suspensions. If you have an IFS Toyota (Hilux 2.7 for instance), then I have just the Ticket to stop that pull to the left and the looseness one feels on the gravel road. Coil over front shocks for 2300 a set.


2)†††††††† Mechanical things sometimes just flummox us. Recently I did a tune-up on a Hilux 2.4 that we had modified a few years ago. Somewhere there was a fault in the idle system and it took me hours to sort it out. Until now I donít know what it was precisely. The idle circuit also effects low throttle mixture up to medium RPM.


Sometimes one also gets a car that is so different from the rest of its siblings. That is why a Tune-up can often garner you quite a few extra ponies or reduce its fuel consumption.

Remember though that the road to motoring happiness starts with a car that is adjusted to factory specís.

Since I charge N$ 200 to 300 an hour you can have it set up at another competent workshop and then bring it to me for a Tune.

If the car is Fuel injected we start with a UNICHIP @ 2000

If the car is Carburetted, Iíll probably send you away to get your Carburettor overhauled first.


If you got an older Efi Nissan, have your fuel pump checked.

It should make 4 bar.


Since this Newsletter is directed at my present and potential clients, let me know what you want to read, please ? So far I have tried to let you know what is new at Nickís Racing, what has happened recently and what is changing on my Website (The showroom of my company).


If you are still looking for something for the Outdoors, check out my RAMROD line ?


I will be in Swakopmund from the 24/12 until the 28íth.

I will then see if my services are required and if not proceed to the Farm until the 3 January 2005.

Should nothing happen then, I will probably go to Cape town, Botswana or Swakop for a few days.


Be safe and smart. Don't drink and drive.

If you die these Holidays you're only a statistic.