12 January 2005

No 6


Hi you all


Welcome back from the Christmas sojourn (if you had one).

I hope you had a relaxing time without any “unforeseens”.

Mine was frightfully short and encompassed a lot of driving:

But with a bit of luck I’ll be in Botswana for a week by the month end.

For those of you I did not meet up with, sorry.


Just before Christmas I finally sorted out my Hilux Gearbox problems. After the car spent 5 years or so at a Gearbox workshop, I decided to tackle the job myself. I do believe that one should leave certain jobs to the experts, but when they fail…


After the final tune up

we drove to the farm and back without incident.

Next on the agenda is moving the Engine back to accommodate a viscous fan and then to go for EFI.


What is going to happen at Nick’s Racing within the next few weeks:

Firstly I am going to have the Dyno’s rollers Flame sprayed so it can handle vehicles with loads of torque.

Then we have a few customer projects going including the fitting of multithrottle bodies to a Superboss



Also I have to make up my mind how to deal with all those who had their vehicles modified outside the country and now wish to enlist my help to sort out their mess.


Sadly the government showed a knee-jerk reaction to the Graymarket problem.

Why not force the dealers to carry spares for the Vehicles they sell ?


I have updated my Pricing on Services we offer, to accommodate the different Services we provide and to phase out the old.


Updated URL’s:

·        What is new

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Takers ultimately lose, but givers win forever. This is a rule the universe never breaks. - Douglas M. Lawson