3 February 2005

No 7


I know some of you watch F1.

After the last few boring years, why not switch over to moto GP ?


I had a customer last year whose car tended to hiccup for the first few miles after starting. I told him Lambda Sensor, ECU or earthing.

The Agents told him it was my exhaust system. Replaced the Lambda sond and all was well. And I don’t even get an apology from the agents ! The customer also seems indifferent to all my uncharged for hassles I went through.


I wish I could send out a list of all my Debtors and their excuses (or lack of), it would make interesting reading.


Every car is different.

Therefore I give a 3 month “Money back guarantee”, if you are not happy with my conversion.


If your vehicle has a knock sensor, there is little I can do to the timing.

With a Lambda sensor there is nothing I can do to the Fuel mixture under cruising, except at Wide Open Throttle.

Doing just one often makes an appreciable difference (Prado 3L & Hilux 2.7)


The following URL’s have been updated on my Website:

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This is an interesting Website explaining “How to break in an Engine”, exactly the way I describe it on mine. it is the only way to do it.


My sniper rifle project also came to an end   


Stay well