15 February 2005

No 8


Hi you all



The Throttle Bodies Superboss was dynod a few weeks ago


with the customer unsatisfied with the performance. Did he or I choose the components and build the engine ? Read my article on the Hobbyist. All the Dyno can do is measure power and when I set up an engine, I do it conservatively. After all a reliable engine is far more important than a Bomb. The customer is given the tools to go on at his own risk.


The Flame sprayed rollers worked fantastic

Leaving this mess of tyres behind.


In between I did a flurry of Colts, Cruisers etc.

The next vehicle is a Gti Series 3 that has a VR 6 transplanted in it.

Followed by a 300 ZX and a Mustang.

To be quite honest I still prefer doing 4X4s.


Be careful out there