3 March 2005

No 9




When I returned to Namibia in 1993 there was 1 guy doing V8ís from his backyard and some hobbyists.

Now there are at least 5 workshops doing v8ís.

Spares sales are not to hot either due to this fact.

In all likelihood I carry more stock than all others combined.

Most people import their own parts via the Internet.

Last year I sold 2 complete motors with their 1-year Warranty.


Another fact we have to remember that I can get better fuel economy and Power out of a Modern fuel injected Land Cruiser than most people were able to wring reliably out of their V8ís.


Those still wanting V8ís, want so out of Nostalgia or because of price (letís face it a Cruiser is not cheap).

This makes me wonder whether I should carry on (makes sense since I still have close to 10 American motors in stock to be rebuilt), or sell my parts to one of the other contenders.


The above just shows, that mine like any other business, is constantly changing and therefore occasionally needs a new pricelist.


As for what I worked on recently:

VR6 shoehorned into a Gti


Armoured van


Or just tuning up a B2600, which had been modified by us years ago

But before you think I work on anything, you should read my pricing on tune-ups.


I recently wrote an Article on definitions, to appear in the Agriforum soon.