23 March 2005

No 10




The exterior of my premises have finished growing for now




Since I have started to offer Tune-ups, I have experienced the following type of scenarios:

In this case I got a Carburettor that had just been worked on.

resulting in the incorrect assembly of the Pump jet and holder (where the screw fitting at the top was trashed by an incorrectly sized screwdriver). Also the copper washer should have been below the pump jet, not above.


The filthy rear side of the Carburettor made me surmise that the Carburettor was never removed from the vehicle whilst it was rebuild.

Amongst other things the needle and seat in the Carburettor was never replaced with a new one from a kit.

The float level was set to high.

The original fault of the vehicle was that it occasionally would just stop running. This was caused by the terminal on the + side of the Ignition coil separating from the wire.

I also noticed that the Idle Cut of valve was broken which would have a symptom of the car not idling.

The Exhaust was rotten through which prohibited me from setting up the Carburator on the Dyno with an integrated Co meter.

Also the Accelerator system was to rough to keep the Revs steady, as I suspect the Pedal Mechanism to be worn out and the Cable could also be frayed internally.




For those of you hitting the road for Easter, I wish you a safe journey





Finally some wise words from a Land Rover owner Concerning the RandLover:


If you are driving Nissan Patrol, Toyota Landcruiser and Toyota 4Runner

all the time at work, then you need to drive a piece of junk once in a

while to appreciate the development that took place over the years!