11 April 2005

No 11




Life changes, and so does a business. We all have to take stock someday of where we are, where were we a few years back and were do we want to be in a few years time. If we do not do this occasionally, our businesses and relationships are bound to fail. Therefore when Richter Erasmus passed away, it did not surprise me too much when I received the following mail:

Ongelukkig kon ons jou laaste artikel nie publiseer nie. 


Ons wil jou graag bedank vir jou bydraes tot op hede maar ongelukkig is daar besluit dat alle artikels wat in die verlede gratis geplaas nie meer op hierdie basis geplaas kan word nie.  Die rede daarvoor is ook dat daardie spasies nou uitsluitlik vir landbou-artikels gebruik gaan word.  Ongelukkig ten opsigte van die boedel moet die inkomste optimaal gegenereer word en die uitgawes so laag as moontlik gehou word - daarom kan die AgriForum dit nie nou bekostig om vry spasie toe te staan nie. 

Die nuwe eienaar en redakteur sal egter haar/sy eie beleid bepaal en kan daar in die toekoms weer met jou geskakel word.


As I wrote in an earlier newsletter, I did try to accommodate the Hobbyist, but since 2 have declined to pay me in full, I have decided that I work for money and not for the glory. It is great having a satisfied customer and even better when these customers refer me to their friends but to go hungry while this happens…

Therefore I will do what gives me satisfaction

and income



Some of you know that I have an interest in firearms and therefore receive some Newsletters in that regard:


Dear Craig,


I am amazed at the price's you are charging to service rifles.

With all due respect, what could you possibly do for a rifle, in terms of a service, that would cost that much?


Thank you for your enquiry.


Gunsmiths sell time and a service entails: a full strip down of all components, a cleaning and examination of all components, reassembly of the firearm, preparing a service report which would highlight any potential problem areas and give an opinion of the firearm in general.


All of this takes some 2 to 4 hours per firearm to do, hence our fee.


Best Regards





Your civil engineer charges R1190.00 per hour

Your lawyer charges R 1140.00 per hour.

Your Accountant charges R 1140.00 per hour.

Your general practitioner charges R 1094.40 per hour.

Your professional hunter charges R 480.00 per hour.

Your plumber charges R 456.00 per hour.

Your gunmaker charges R400.00 per hour, including all consumables, oil, etc !

Your mechanic charges R360.00 per hour, excluding oil, consumables, sundries, etc !



This makes me wonder, where did this Craig get these figures ?

Or am I charging to little per Hour (R 200 workshop and 300 per Dyno hour) ?


Blast, I knew I would forget. I have recently been advised of some new Software that takes your Bank statement of the Internet and automatically uses that for your accounting. I think you should check out this product EconoAccounting, from Let me know what you think of it, because if it delivers what it promises …


My Camera is in Johannesburg for Servicing, so my Next Newsletter will only come out in about 2 weeks time with a few new products that I am stocking.


Be careful out there





Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. - Antoine de St. Exupery