20 April 2005

No 12




I finally found the spark in my life again !


For those of you who don't know, Racing and particularly Motorbikes have been an integral part of my life since 1977.

The last time I competed professionally was early 1993 when I grabbed the holeshot at Hollister Hills, fell in the first corner and had the whole wave ride over me. 3 days in a coma and some permanent damage made me decide to hang up my boots.

Thereafter I competed in a few fun/family events. Last one about 3 years ago. The death of my dad, business involvement and the lack of opportunity (no races were offered that made sense) made me forget that I owned 2 Off road race bikes.


At Kalle's funeral a few weeks ago I ran into a few friends who convinced me to enter the "fun rally" at Heiser's farm that was run in conjunction with the "Olivenfest" and mini show.


Boy was it fun !

This is what I've been missing the past few years.


Hopefully Off-road racing will revive again so I can put some fun between my legs and live again.



I had a customer come in earlier requesting me to fit a Free-Flow exhaust to his Land Cruiser.

When I told him that I would not fit one without Headers, he became abusive telling me that he makes the decisions.

I sent him to another Exhaust shop.

After all a performance Exhaust system is carefully calculated and I want the customer to feel a difference.


When you start modifying a Blaster (4-wheeler), you soon find that it goes horribly lean.

To avoid your Piston from melting, you have to increase your jetting substantially.

The main jet on a Blaster is situated below the needle jet. I.e. the both meter on each other.

If the needle jet has say a 2.6 mm orifice, it does not help putting in a 300 main.

Do Namibian Mechanics understand this ? No, generally not at all.

So we designed a jetting kit with the correct jets, differently shaped needles et al for the Banshee’s and Blasters that get a pipe or more from us.


More and more often we get Fuel injected cars in that do not make enough Power.

Most of the time it is the Fuel pump, and since the Agents normally want over 3000 Grand, I had to find an Alternative.

880.50 Is my selling price for most Japanese vehicles including tax, but excluding Labour.


If you consider changing your Cam on a Fuel injected vehicle, you must get your Computer box remapped, as the jetting and spark will be chronically out.


A lot of people are in a dilemma, “should I keep my old vehicle (which is depreciating by the minute) or buy a new one (which will depreciate by the second)”. I can’t help; I am a technician and not a salesman. Mathematics are up to you. But I agree it is a tough one and I expect the 2’nd hand Cars in Southern Africa to become cheaper still. I for one am keeping my old Hilux.


The other day I mentioned a fantastic piece of Accounting software. Did any of you check out EconoAccounting, from ? If you did, please let me know what you think of it ? The best time to go for something like that would be at the Financial Year end, which is now.



And finally, two chunks of wisdom from Grace Hopper, US Navy Rear Admiral, and developer of the first computer language compiler:

  • A ship in port is safe; but that is not what ships are built for.
  • It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.