20 May 2005

No 14




As the Chevy ad said “The best never rest”. We have done 2 things recently:


Grafted a Throttle body with 2 injectors (enough to feed up to 140 Kw) onto a Intake manifold to show what the future holds when carburettors are gone.

I get excited just thinking how this will work on a Rover V8. This could be grafted onto the original manifold with each Injector feeding 1 Bank.

Of course larger injectors for such “Hot Rods” are also available.


I have just ordered 30 more 38 DGAS 29 as came on the 3.4 Courier. These carbs can be made to work from a modified 2.2 L engine up to a Cruiser 4L motor. At a price of N$ 3769.84 this is a steal.


Of course I prefer Fitting, jetting and Guaranteeing these Carbs for N$ 5000 incl. K&N Airfilter and VAT.





I was approached by some divers and now stock the:


GLO-TOOB – The world’s toughest, brightest, smallest emergency marker light.


Designed to be used all the way from the office to the battlefield, the GLO-TOOB is an essential piece of safety equipment that you shouldn’t be without. Available in various colours, the GLO-TOOB allows you to be seen at a distance or provides you with ample light in a confined area.



Originally developed for the scuba diving market, the GLO-TOOB is a must have piece of safety equipment for your dive bag. Use the GLO-TOOB as safety marker light for cave or night dives.



Whether you’re changing a tyre at night, or your car has broken down, you’ll need a flashing GLO-TOOB to warn oncoming motorists.



Whether you need a small area light for your tent, or you are caving in pitch darkness, you’ll need a GLO-TOOB to get you through.

The GLO-TOOB’s multipurpose nature is indispensable in the outdoor, whether it is for safety/emergency purposes/marker when lost, or just handiness when performing tasks in low light.



It’s great for the home – you’ll always have an application, if the lights go out or to navigate around in the dark.

Use one of the softer colours as a night light for infants when travelling.



It’s absolutely essential that you are visible when you’re on the go during the early mornings, late afternoons or at night.



The GLO-TOOB is ideal in marine activities, whether it be a marker light for your life jacket, or backup port and starboard lights, the GLO-TOOB’s versatility is invaluable when in such an unpredictable surrounding.





Order Codes: LD1011,12,13,14 & 15                                            Order Codes: LD1001,02,03,04 & 05


7 Mode Glo-Toob                                                                                  Original Glo-Toob

Features:                                                                                               Features:

Waterproof to 3500m                                                                           Waterproof to 3500m

Virtually indestructible                                                                        Virtually indestructible

Powered by inexpensive 23A, 12V battery                                      Powered by inexpensive 23A, 12V battery

Battery Life 30-80 hours (dependant on mode)                               Battery Life 30-80 hours (dependant on mode)

Built to military specification                                                             Built to military specification

Extremely bright                                                                                   Extremely bright

Available in multiple colours: Red;                                                   Available in multiple colours: Red;

Amber; Green; Blue & White                                                             Amber; Green; Blue & White

Essential piece of emergency gear                                                    Essential piece of emergency gear

Compact pocket-sized design                                                            Compact pocket-sized design

7 Programmable Modes:                                                                    

1. Equal Flash                                                                                       S.R.P: R 112.30 Incl. Vat.

2. Beacon Strobe                                                                                 

3. Slow Strobe                                                                                      

4. S.O.S

5. Throb

6. 100% Constant on

7. 25% Constant on

S.R.P: R 139.04 Incl. Vat.


For those of you incorporating next Wednesday into a long holiday, I wish you a relaxed time.