22 July 2005

No 18




There are 2 types of questions that I am faced with repeatedly

1)         Why do you do it that way, Company X does it…

2)         Why are you not prepared to do it my way ?

To which I can only reply “If it works, why knock it ?”


So why do different shops do the same jobs differently ?

Because most of us in the Tuning industry come from different Backgrounds or are self-taught. Furthermore some of us do our own development and others copy a working system (why re-invent the wheel). Also some of us are more conservative, such as myself who believes reliability comes first. While others go gung-ho to make the most power on the planet


Also a common problem is the difference in nomenclature:

A cam grind given is normally a self-generated identification such a S72H or BL2.

It could mean 272 Hydraulic or Brian Leslie # 2 type grind.

Stage 2 ? Now that is the one with the Blond dancer. It is an identification of a degree of performance. Most companies differentiate these degrees of “Hotness”:

Road    Will idle smoothly and give good Torque

Road & Track    Could idle Lumpy but will still be drivable with the Torque coming in later

Rally     You will have just enough Bottom end torque to pull away without slipping the clutch.

Race    Will make maximum power at the top part of the RPM scale

Full race            Made for THAT specific motor (7000 to 12 000 RPM on a Cosworth DFY)


I want to close this of by asking “why can’t the people in the mechanical environment work together” ?

If my Doctor can’t cure me he sends me to a specialist and still makes money. If my Lawyer cannot answer my problem he will refer me to an Advocate and still make his money. If I wok on a Car and hear the Gearbox making rude noises, I will send the box to a specialist (with the customers consent of course). Most other workshops try to do everything themselves and few succeed.

Also why “badmouth” somebody ? I believe we all try and give the customer what he wants. Those that don’t won’t survive (except in JoBurg). Again a lot of us Tuners come to a similar result by different ways. It is up to the customer to choose who he feels comfortable with, and then stick by him.


I am running a special on KB 280 Intercooler kits for 10 000 including installation & Vat. It does make a difference and lets your Engine live longer


That’s all for now