Newsletter No 19

8 August 2005




The K&N Apollo is ready for sale!




·        ·        The Apollo is a Universal Filter which comes in 3 different colors:


·        ·        N$ 1766.53 Retail/Selling Price


·        ·        Blue (RC-5051AL)            


The Apollo box contains:



The Apollo is sold as a Universal Filter! The consumer must add some extra parts to fit the Apollo on his/her car.


This should easily be possible with the part numbers below: 


K&N advise the maximum horsepower of approx 250bhp for normally aspirated cars and 350bhp for car with a turbo!!

I think this is the answer for a snazzy looking cold air system.


I quite often get requests on how to either convince the dealers to allow a UNICHIP to be fitted to a brand new vehicle or on how to convince Leasing companies to allow and pay for these units. I undertake to repair any damage caused by the Unichip, which should make all parties more comfortable. But the best is still for the customers to push the Leasing agent/dealer before the purchase or transaction is made. With the Fuel price what it is now; nobody should be without such a conversion.


It will not console my esteemed customers that I paint my Exhaust system now, as well as building them in easily removable sections. Considering that I must increase the prices soon.

I am confident that we still build the best systems (2mm thick black steel tubing with seamwelded Galvanised silencers) and at the best price.


I am often approached on how to get an “interview” with me or discuss certain topics. I have no problem with that, as there are things that need discussions at length.

I would suggest the following options:

Either you make an appointment during working hours or preferably

You do an early morning breakfast with me (as far as I am concerned the most important meal of the day)

Or we go for dinner or a drink (not a Namibian style booze up, please) after work.

But please do not waltz into my shop and expect me to stop Dynotuning a car to discuss with me at length on how to fix somebody else’s mistakes and where to get body kits for your Kia grey import.


I have edited these sections on my Website recently:

Letters page

Prices on Services

News on my New premises (could be completed if it were not for Elektrowerkstatt)

Added a few Recipes

Explanation about the Website

Updated my K&N pricelist

Updated my pricelist on Recreational Articles


That’s all for now


Nick von Bergen


To meet everything and everyone through stillness instead of mental noise is the greatest gift you can offer to the universe. --Eckhart Tolle