Newsletter 22

12 October 2005






I have observed that those of us who know what we are doing are unable to keep up with the work thrust at us. Simply because a lot of worked forced on us should and could be done by other specialised shops. Nick's Racing is specialised in the petrol combustion system with an emphasis on Electronic Fuel Injection.


The Helicoil in the picture above broke loose, causing the badly damaged piston and sleeve.

The damage would have been far less substantial had the mechanic not tried to “rev the car right”.

I am definitely not knocking this or any other workshop, I am only trying to illustrate that we should do what we are comfortable with.

What has this to do with Nick’s Racing ? Well we get to do the job in fixing the above plus doing a performance upgrade.



What else do we do, you might ask ?

Services started of with us doing Tune-ups on the Dyno which necessitated a Engine check (Valves, timing etc.) then customers did the usual "please also change the oil/filter". Then we were asked to also check through the rest of the cars.

We do NOT do normal Services, for this you have Agents and enough other workshops who need to make a buck.

But with the price of fuel going up again you would be a fool not to have your car be in good mechanical condition, which also means setting it up right (the latter we will gladly do).

Firstly see to it that your car is in mechanical good shape.

Wrong valve clearance, Timing etc. will let you waste fuel.

Then have the car set up on a Dyno. We can do both from 500 bucks if the car is carbureted and just out of tune- not a wreck waiting to be salvaged.

Fuel Injected vehicles need a UNICHIP fitted to adjust them properly costing from 2000 upwards.

 We have already fitted the UNICHIP into the new 2.7 & 4 L VVTi Bakkies with good results.

Imagine saving 100 to 300 Rands on every trip you make to the coast.

That soon makes any modification seem worthwhile.


You will save even more fuel and pick up power by having a Tuned length exhaust fitted.  

That makes more Power, saves fuel and need not make a noise. We use 2mm black tubing as well as HD welded galvanised silencers, so they should last far longer than most other systems, also costing less. We have a huge range of headers (branches) in stock and manufacture everything else from 38 up to 64 mm OD in house. So once your stock exhaust has passed its prime consider one of our HD performance systems to replace it !

Of course head porting and matching the whole Katoot with the proper camshaft will save you fuel because the Efficiency of your Engine is enhanced.


We do things like engine check through and minor services as long as it fits into our usual program or is part of a major redo with bushes, shocks etc. Of course any past work/modifications done by us, will be maintained. If you have a full house modification done and want me to service the vehicle as well- no sweat. Or have the gearbox sent away for repairs while we convert your Cruiser to a V8 for instance.

Remember it is imperative to tune up your Fuel Injection with a UNICHIP if you do such a popular swap as putting a Maxima engine into your Nissan bakkie.


Please plan your jobs now as the Christmas rush has already started.


I trust that any job done by me (even if only to increase performance) will give you a return on your investment !


  Talking about servicing you vehicle, how do you service the K&N filter ? Of utmost importance is that you should not overoil it, use only K&N approved Oil and that it uses static instead of stiction to catch dust. Overzealous cleaning is also not good as the filter is made out of surgical cotton gauze. 4X4's need cleaning every 40 000 Km's while sedan can easily go over 100 000 km's before servicing is required. If you think it has built up a layer of dust you can always brush it off with a paintbrush. As jy matigheid voor öe hou sal die filter nooit stof deurlaat en maklik 10 jaar of meer hou.





Nick von Bergen