Newsletter No 23

24 October 2005




In the past we stocked an Ignitor that could replace the Electronic module for the Land rover V8 with electronic Distributor. Albeit expensive at 1400 N$, it was a lot cheaper (and better) than replacing the stock module. Now we carry a module that is good for fixing EFI cars such a Land Rover discovery EFI when factory dist blows and can fit I-2 module with 0.7 coil and trigger EFI system fine, but you must use the points distributor 35D8 with LU-181 (pity about this). This module costs 1280 N$, and that is a bargain.


Often I get asked why we Port cylinder heads.


The adjacent heads shows us clearly, why. On the left is the original Colt head and adjacent to that is the new one I got from the agents.

If you look closely the ports are definitely different in finish.

Even on a “good” head, it pays to remove the blemishes for a healthy increase in efficiency.


If you look at our prices, which include reconditioning but no parts, it is hardly more expensive than a rebuild.


Please stay away from those “artists” that skim the head to death.

There is a certain amount one can remove from the stock heads, but that is engineered in there by the factory so one can correct for warpage/blemishes.

Taking 3mm of a 4Y head, even with the wildest cams causes nothing but Detonation.



For those in the know, I have sold BMW motorcycle parts at excellent prices (a hobby of mine) for the last few years. A Friend of mine actually had shares in White Power shocks and the last SA-VP I got in for a K100 cost N$ 3300. This is a much more advanced shock then the EMU (Emulsion) damper with a separate reservoir for the oil. It has both adjustable rebound and compression damping (sowohl druckstufe als zugstufe).

I will stop selling White Power: They have raised the prices in a terrible way. I will sell Wilbers Products in future, specially since there was a test in "Motorrad" where Wilbers was tested superior then White Power.

However, when you compare a White Power SA-VP with a Wilbers EMU, the White Power will win, so my past customers were always in the first row.



We just got a shipment of K&N filters in.       The prices will astound you, compared to anywhere else (and I still give discount on bulk).

We will order one more container for the end of the year, so please place your orders within the next 3 weeks.


K&N History  

Over 35 Years ago the K&N filter was developed for the Baja 1000 Desert race, as no conventional filter lasted more than a few hours in this gruelling 800 Mile desert race.

Today there is hardly any type of Racing where K&N is not the filter of Choice. K&N have graced Formula 1 winners through Rally and Supertruck championships and are the filter of choice for Cart racing, as these vehicles sit so low to the ground that they have to operate in the Dust Zone.


K&N and Nick’s Racing

While living in the USA I became convinced that K&N was the ONLY filter to use.

When I had decided to come back home, I approached K&N in England, showed them on the map that Namibia was no part of South Africa. Placed an order and paid with travellers cheques.

Today I move close to 50 000 Rands worth a month.


What does a K&N do?

Lets through more Air = Power + Fuel Economy

Meets and exceeds all OEM manufacturers filtration specifications = Most effective Filter for dusty conditions

No need for Re-jetting or adjustments to engine management, if still stock.

Never need to buy another filter due to the million-mile warranty


Misconceptions about K&N.

It lets through bricks, ok make that dust. You will not get a better filter than a Dirty K&N.

It needs to be cleaned often. No such thing; every 40 000 Km’s on a Plaasbakkie and every 150 000 on a Sedan using Tar roads.

There are many look a-likes, but only 1 K&N and that works.

You only jeopardise the vehicle manufacturers warranty if you install an open (cone type) K&N. Standard replacement filters are the way to go unless you want induction noises and don’t care about your warranty.


Maintenance & Warranty of K&N

No over oiling or using Muti’s

Million-mile warranty on Std replacement filters.


Who all uses K&N’s:

Formula 1 (These were purchased by the teams itself and was no kind of sponsorship)

Tour operators & Safari Companies, simply because K&N’s need to be Serviced less often and are more effective on Gravel roads

Construction companies on Compactors etc to protect their machinery from dust

Mines because they guarantee less Maintenance costs.

Windgat ouens wat van daai “Dreuning” hou

Average person who wants to save on his fuel bill and get a bit more woomah as well as never having to buy another filter again.


I have a FIPK kit for a Toyota Land cruiser 4.7L V8 1999-2004, as none has been sold yet in South Africa.

You got one of these cars and let me fit the kit; it is yours for FREE (The MSRP is 425 US dollar). All you have to pay is 250 N$ for fitting. 

If you absolutely have to show your appreciation, a bottle of Meerlust Rubicon 1979 is always welcome.


The following has been updated since Newsletter 19:

My Warranty conditions were slightly updated

My Bantam article has been updated

As is the pricing on the 22R modifications have been brought to date.

I recently went on a Max Planck Diet.

A Wanted & For Sale column:

48 DCOE, Sidedraught with manifolds, linkage, K&N etc. for 1800 City Golf 2000.00 Fritz 064-400352



Order Code: ML1037                                                           NEW                                                   

SRP – R 89.00 incl. Vat.


Hot Pink Solitaire single AAA cell comes in a presentation box with an AAA battery and key lanyard.

High intensity light beam, with a range of approximately 30m.

The torch has a continuous battery life of approximately 5 hours.

High strength aluminium alloy case, which is o-ringed, sealed for water resistance.

Spare lamp secured in the tail cap.

8cm in Length, 25g in weight with batteries.

Limited lifetime warranty.

Made in the USA

        Remember the Rechargeable Maglite is still on stock for 1200 Retail including VAT, Car and home charger + holding brackets.     




Nick von Bergen