Newsletter No 24

18 November 2005





Weber is making Carbs again !

The English have taken over the Italian run Weber factory in Spain (go figure).

So far I have stock, before applicable discounts (36 DCD to come early 3006)

Stock Number





38 DGAS 27c

R 3,986.40

R 4,584.36


38 DGES 27 Choke Electric

R 3,986.40

R 4,584.36


38 DGMS- Manual Choke

R 4,320.00

R 4,968.00


32/36 DGV-5A 1600 OHV

R 3,194.40

R 3,673.56


Also our range of Headers (Branches) has increased dramatically. The prices and quality of our Systems are also unbeatable. I still have a few bookings open till Christmas and therefore at this price.














Order Code: RV1121

Suggested Retail Price: R 999.00 incl. Vat


RV1121 - UltraTec 4X4 Kit Includes:


  1. Maglite 2D Cell Flashlight Premium Quality Flashlight made from Aircraft Aluminium. High intensity light beam. Patented cam focus from spot-to-flood in just half a turn. The torch has a continuous battery life of approximately 9 to10 hours intermittent life up to 14 hours use. Length 25.4mm, weight with batteries - 674g. Used by Law Enforcement & Emergency Services world wide, The Maglite is regarded as the Rolls Royce of Flashlights. Made in the USA and covered by a lifetime guarantee. Suggested Retail - R 233.00 incl. Vat
  2. UltraTec Folding Shovel - This spade is modelled on the NATO portable shovel & folds in three sections for extremely compact storage. The spade head is made from durable forged steel and the handle from a treated fibreglass reinforced plastic. Shovel open length: 590mm. Shovel folded length: 245mm. Shovel width: 160mm. Suggested Retail - R 133.00 incl. Vat
  3. Unicorn Folding Saw A Compact Portable yet highly effective Multi-purpose Folding Saw. Features: High Quality Spring Steel with Triple-edge cutting teeth suitable for camping, carpentry, construction and pruning. The unit has a positive lock back with a convenient thumb release. Suggested Retail - R 99.50 incl. Vat
  4. Outdoor Edge Camp Axe - The Head is hot drop forged from a solid bar of 1040 tool steel for superior edge retention, strength and durability. The handle is manufactured with a fibreglass core, which is encapsulated by a rubber non-slip Kraton grip. Includes a Black cordura nylon belt sheath and a lifetime guarantee. Suggested Retail - R 219.50 incl. Vat
  5. UltraTool 84 in 1 Multi-Tool - Features: All tools fully locking. Needlenose Pliers, Crimper, Wire Cutter, Socket Adapter, File, Scissors, Blade, Wood Saw, Reamer, Wood Chisel, Can Opener, 48 Rust Resistant Bits and 12 Rust Resistant Sockets. Includes: A compact Cordura pack, which can also be carried on a belt. Suggested Retail - R 129.50 incl. Vat
  6. UltraTec Compass A top of the range UltraTec Black Lensatic metal compass. Suggested Retail - R 75.00 incl. Vat
  7. First Aid Kit Safety Pins; Scissors; Tape, Bandage & a Space Blanket. Suggested Retail - R 80.00 incl. Vat
  8. UltraOptec 10x25 Accessory Kit: Roof Prism Compact Binocular kit with Belt pouch holding additional accessory items: LED light, Whistle & Credit Card Tool. Suggested Retail - R 220.00 incl. Vat
  9. Deluxe Black Nylon Carry Case with internal pouches to hold all the above items securely. The Carry Case has a Velcro strip designed to attach to vehicle carpets and keep the kit positioned securely in the vehicle. Amazingly with all of the above Hi-Tech items in the case the total Dimensions are: L = 350mm, W = 270mm & B = 100mm i.e.: small enough to fit under most vehicle seats. Suggested Retail - R 100.00 incl. Vat






Nick von Bergen