Newsletter No 25

28 November 2005




I have again been inundated with calls requesting horsepower figures for my conversions.

This is a result of a lot of operators giving before and after figures. I hate giving figures, as they mean little in reality but lots in Marketing.

Unscrupulous operators can severely lessen the figures of the before run (for instance by not depressing the accelerator pedal fully).

2’ndly how important is your vehicles peak power ? How much time do you spend at WOT (wide open throttle) a peak RPM ? Most of the time you cruise at less than ½ throttle and expect good fuel consumption with driveability. Both are difficult to put in figures.

That is why I rather guarantee my customers satisfaction or I’ll give them a full refund. For those that dice (not my ideal customer), I can only guarantee that my modifications will make equal or more reliable power to that of the opposition for the same amount of money spent.

Remember that Horsepower wins sales but Torque wins races.


Please do be careful of these so called “cheap engines”. Make sure you get all the necessary paperwork to license them and some kind of warranty. I see a lot of hurt people come into my yard and it saddens me that there is nothing I can do to help them.

Also when you get that “cheap” Maxima or motorsport engine- Caveat Emptor ! If it is a true Race motor and has been raced, it could mean some expensive rebuilding on its way to you.


When comparing different filters, again make sure they indeed filter. Next is a filter that looks like a K&N but carries a different name and put enough dirt into the intake to make the owner cry.


Also be wary of Tuning shops that don’t have a reputation. I have recently seen a few VW motors with excessively skimmed heads (.4mm is max) and “weird” cam grinds (Base circle on a hydraulic cam is 34mm) that then “ate” their pistons. It is your choice who you go to for Service, but it is my choice on how I react to your plea for help.



Intercooler specials excluding Fitting but with all the necessary parts, brackets & plumbing:

KB 280 for 8000 N$ incl. VAT

B 2500 for 4500 N$ incl. VAT


I have just been through a "tydsbeplanning session" with my staff and Customers.


I have a Surf adapter on order since mid march with no ETD forthcoming from the manufacturer.

I was given a 10 Day manufacturing period for a Racecar sideshafts that have been in Joburg since beginning October. The Manufacturer is incapable of telling me when we can expect those ?


a Workshop needs to make decisions based on the supply of goods etc.

I will take some further decisions on where Nick’s Racing will be heading as of next year, but am leaning towards not doing conversions (race car preparation) anymore, since I cannot rely on suppliers. Also I am considering selling of all my USA V6 & V8 stock, as I am tired of just being used as a last resort or free source of information.  I am considering, on solely concentrating on the Efficiency Enhancing of Cars currently being produced, as well as the older RSA models.


Your input would be appreciated on this.

 So far this has resulted in my looking for a person to run the mechanical side of the shop (an extension of my hands).

An Understanding on the principles of the 4-stroke petrol driven internal combustion Engine is a prerequisite.

Logical thinking & Fabrication skills would be a advantage

I pride myself in excellence in Workmanship but do not put undue pressure on my Employees, as long as the job goes out perfect !

I do:

Exhaust systems

UNICHIP and GOTECH engine management systems

Do performance modifications and tune-ups, with occasional Engine rebuilds.

If you know of somebody suitable, ask him to contact me on or Fax 061-216883


Best Regards,


Nick von Bergen