Newsletter No 27

20 January 2006


Hi Folks


For those of you just returning from your holiday, "Welcome back and I hope you had a good one".

For those of you, like me, who have not yet taken theirs, "Hang in there, buddy".


If you have a story to tell or experience to share, please DO send them in.


Which brings me to the point of some people saying “You have to take a holiday to relax from the stress”. Psychologically anything under 2 weeks does not do much.

I believe that there is really no such thing as stress. Outside influences that one is unable to control cause that feeling called “stress”.

Analysis of the problem got me to conclude, “Lack of manners causes most stress in Namibia”.

People phoning you, saying that “My car se Engine het so pas ontplof, wat beoog jy daaraan te doen”. Later they think it is a joke, as the car really runs well. People thinking they own you or that they can approach you wherever they see you. You laugh I had a incidence at the grocery store of one person approaching me for a job, the second then decided to interrupt to see if I sold flexible hose and the third clamoured for attention as he wanted some info.


To get back to what I should be writing about. I was recently phoned for “high performance” branches for a 2.8 Skyline.

Hmm, if you get “high performance” what else do you get ?

When one bends mild steel pipes for headers, you bend them to make power through a specific RPM range, so price is similar for most quality headers for that particular vehicle.

You get headers engineered to make power where you lost it (through a cam or so) or to enhance the present powerband.

Then you get high performance headers made from Titanium or similar, that costs more than your average car. These are used on F1 cars etc.

In other words “bar talk confused his customer”. But his impolite attitude caused “stress” with me.


It is “silly season” now in racing circles.

First Angolan races are in March, sponsors are hopefully found and now comes the search for Engines etc.

I have a customer with an ex-motorsport Golf that he wants to make max Power.

Research yields that I could offer him a good 2’nd hand Golf Turbo engine with Management for 40 to 50 Grand, making around 200 Kw.

If he wants more ? Well a Championship winning Subaru was advertised for 750 000 incl spares. It was sold for 1.3 Million.

Speed costs money- how much are you willing to spend ?

The professional Motorsport scene often represents a high tech overpriced fleamarket were haggling is the order of the day.

My customer should have become organised about 7 months ago, now it is to late and he has to pick up the scraps.


Apart from serving my customers over the past holiday season, I moved from town centre to the top of my Workshop. This I took pictures of and documented them on my website. Whilst sorting out pictures, I came across those of our old home in Trift str.  We had a good time there.    Nostalgia....


Quite often I have somebody phone me with multiple questions, I then inform them that this and more is answered on What “stresses”, is when they have no time to look this up.

Getting to my website and moving; just go to Articles, then click on Nick & Urda's and then on "what did we do recently". Finally on moving...

Duh you might say, but it seems that plenty of individuals refuse to drill down into a website.

Sure I can clutter my homepage with 384.76 links but that would be rough, wouldn't it ?

But maybe you can give me some advice on the certain issues I discovered whilst moving ?


As Bryan mentioned "moving is quick, but the settling in, that takes time".

So let's see when we can entertain guests again, as well as welcoming wayward friends.


I wish you relaxing 2006


Nick von Bergen


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