Newsletter No 30

15 March 2006


G’day to yall


I had a Land Cruiser 3F come to me for a performance Exhaust system and K&N.

It has been long since I have last seen such a performance increase !

The dotted lines are the before run while he red is Kw (Din) and the Yellow is Torque with the purple being CO emissions.

A day later I did a tune up on another FJ 62 and found it lacking 15 Kw because stage 2 on his carb did not open.  As mentioned in my last Newsletter a Dyno is a Tool, no more. 

I just Unichipped a Corsa and the owner was highly upset that I could not “tune in” 20 or so more Kw.

When is this going to stop ?



Somebody recently asked me whether I could not look at his Chevota and help it make more power. When I asked how much he was willing to spend, I got a quizzical look. He had proudly rebuilt said motor on his own, and now it was lacking in power. Well there is a right way to build these motors taking the myriad of head, bore, stroke, cam induction and exhaust systems into account. Properly built it should not leak oil either.

I am thinking along these lines “If I sell all my v8 parts to another shop, then I can just refer these people further”. Let’s face it, I have to sell my knowledge to feed my dependants (Bandito, Rindspimmel and Pumuck’l).


I will take leave from 17 to 27 March.

During this time my sales will remain open, while the workshop is closed.

I recently got 7.4Km/L on the 3L Colt while checking out our beautiful countryside.


Recently we test drove Revolutions in 58 Calcium str. Between Beitels steel works and Modular Kitchens Tel 233972

They don't have a great menu but their fare is excellent and their ambience...    well lets say different.

A lot of people come to me for free advice, now they can get it provided they sponsor the meal.


My whole website has been slightly re-arranged.

Now you can hover over the product logo or description and click to go there (image map)

Have you ever looked at my FAQ’s ?

I have also made fault finding & common problems on Ignitors a feature.


Erratum            In my last Newsletter I forgot to insert the picture of the inner workings of the Dyno, but if you click on it then it will open on my website.


We are now offering an adjustable, single stage trigger for the Mauser K98 for only R450.00 !

This trigger is extremely crisp and is fully adjustable down to 2 1/2 lbs.

To order please contact us telephonically or by email.

April Special on Hilux 4L V6 VVTi:

K&N + Header Freeflow         5000

UNICHIP + removal or changing of Road speed governor (on manual vehicles)            2000

The above plus reground cams and head porting            15 000



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