Newsletter 36

14 July 2006


A Warm welcome to you (from a freezing Windhoek)


You might have noticed that my Website has changed slightly.

This was simply done due to input by some of you wanting to know ho to navigate my website or to generally find out what it is about.

Please let me know if these hints are helpful.


On a sadder note, I had to increase the prices on my Camshafts slightly. Note that my porting prices are still the same as a year back.

I try to revise my prices no more often than every 18 months. This is to keep things consistent.

Since I last revised my Header prices over 2 years back, the increase of 16 % was shocking but still well in-line with the industry standard prices.

I believe my Exhaust systems are more than competitively priced, considering I use 2mm thick black steel tubing from 38 to 64mm OD. This is tough !.

Stainless steel becomes to Expensive and tends to crack easier.

If there would be a demand for SS, I could supply tubing as well as silencers on request.


But for now My Quality silencers are made of Galvanised Mild Steel.

These Mild steel Silencers have the following features that set them apart from the rest:

1.2 mm Single wrapped galvanised steel for better corrosion protection and lower noise levels.

E-glass filling

Seam welded instead of crimping, eliminating leaks

I can have specific sizes and shapes manufactured – depending on your needs.


Seeing that the Rand has depreciated sharply against most foreign currencies, I am pressed to keep my prices stable.

If the USD becomes worth more than 7.5 Rands, I will be forced to adjust (K&N’s are currently a bargain being valued at 6.5:1 USD)


Since the British took over Weber, the Carburettor prices are climbing steadily.

The question is; how long can people still afford to maintain their carburettors.

Even such mundane items as the throttle shafts for the 36 DCD are not available anymore and will have to be machined if the old ones are worn (not shot).

To convert to a Weber is still an option right now, but for how long ?

I am not trying to paint a bleak picture, but rather want to convince you that you should consider your carb conversion now or go Fuel injection in the future.


On the Weber Twin Carb conversion (2 Manifolds left @ 2050.00 incl) it is imperative that the throttle cable is set up correctly:

Not fully open               103 Kw @ 5530 Rpm & 204 Nm @ 3280 RPM        Max CO 1.98 % (must be over 2 % not to cause engine damage)

Fully open (WOT)        107 Kw @ 5680 Rpm & 210 Nm @ 3530 Rpm          Max CO 2.21 % (set up lean for best fuel consumption)

Imagine how much more drastic the difference is with a piddly carb or Throttle body ?


It is concerning to see these devices that clamp in-between the HT cable leading to the coil or spark plugs.

Most of these gadgets just have an internal gap  (about 0.020") to make the coil produce more volts to jump this gap and rotor/cap gap and sparkplug gap.

They are normally marketed by a brand that calls them the “accelerator” or similar.

This device is nothing but a capacitor that is mounted in series with your cable.


You can achieve close to the same, just file off 0.020" (Camaro Z28 spec of 1970's) off rotor arm or open spark plug gap by 5 thou / 0.1 mm to achieve same story with spark where you want it. With the resulting accelerated wear on all your ignition components.


A spark plug cable does nothing more than transport the 20 000+ volts to your spark plugs, which in turn ignite the mixture.

Any resistance in the wire or “leakage” is disturbing.

The first you measure with an Ohms meter, the resistance of spiral core wires should run between 2 to 5 kilo-ohm max.

The 2’nd you check in a dark garage with the hood open. If there is a “halo” around the wire or wires, junk them.

Of course interference is also a problem. To you listening to the radio it is annoying; to your Computerbox it is little “deathstabs”.


Spiral core makes more spark than solid copper, as solid wire does not give coil time to build extra spark as jumps at lowest possible voltage. Carbon wires actually absorb voltage and produce less volts at plug due to high resistance of carbon core.

We sell the premium stainless steel core Magstar wires at an excellent price.


Bottom line is a high output coil 33kv upwards with a decent sparkplug gap.


Left is a picture of the adjustable, single stage trigger for the Mauser K98 for only R450.00 !

This trigger is extremely crisp and is fully adjustable down to 2 1/2 lbs.

To order please contact us telephonically or by email.




On a different note, 10 years back radio stations would invite you for a talk and pay you in cash or give you a few free adds.

Today it has changed, as the Station now expects you to pay for enlightening its readers.  Interesting J




George Uys wants to sell his:
1998 Opel Kadett 1.8 iS 16V.
N$ 43 000.00


I hope this Newsletter meets your expectation (if not, let me know what you want to read about)




The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra!