Newsletter 37

30 August 2006


Dear Friends


Please excuse my long term of absence. Nothing new really happened here although we were quite busy setting up Engines due to the increased fuel price.

It still fascinates me how people can afford not to come see us. 

With the steady increase in Petrol pricing we can give a decrease in fuel consumption and at the same time increase the Motors performance.

 As you might have read in the Newspapers: 

If you fit a K&N  250 to 500

Or a UNICHIP from 2000 to 2500

Or have your Weber tuned 500 to 1000


Have you UNICHIP fitted somewhere else and are unhappy with the result ?

Have it retuned for 550 ! Ok, this was a Special for August.


All work is done in house with a Guarantee.

The increase in your vehicle's efficiency comes coupled with reliability.


Of course we still do Performance Exhausts, head-porting and Camshafts.


Quality work means value for money.

Check out my website for prices, information and articles of interest.


We were also working massive overtime to get the 3Sgte-powered racer ready for Lubango for last weekend.

What made the work a lot easier, is the new test equipment we received from the USA.

Not only can we do immediate Exhaust gas analysis but we can also do Data Logging (RPM, Ignition, fuelling, TPS, Boost/vac, Knock, whatever you need).

Since it is all portable, we can now also tune vehicles at the track.


During this whole endeavour I came to realise one of the main reasons I stopped my involvement with Racing during 1993, was the tremendous pressure you stand under.

I was sure it gave me no kicks anymore.


But to give you some background.

In August 3003 we did the first trip to Angola where we met Tomané who subsequently became our friend.

We then struck a deal in which I was to build a reliable winning motor for his Race Car.

The Accent he had previously raced with was retained.

The Engines which a “well advertised” South African tuning company had built were junked, as they could not last longer than a lap or so.

Over the time I came to realise that I was to build the rest as well.

This took up a long time, but finally it was worth it as the package worked.

Previous weekend Tomané came down to assist with the final throes.

Minor things like the wheel alignment coming apart were soon sorted and a test drive early Wednesday morning confirmed that the power was there.


At the track we had the usual problems, such as a turbo pipe coming of as well as the gear selector coming apart.

With the help of the crew all was soon running again.

Remember this was an untested vehicle.

With these delays we were only allowed one qualifying lap.


Starting in Position #5 the clutch slipped and dropped the driver to last.

Strangely enough the clutch held thereafter and the driver was able to work his way from 22 to 8’th position within 10 laps.


Then disaster stuck as the Porsche in front of him lost control and skidded into the people standing ON the side of the track.

3 dead and many wounded got the race cancelled in the 14’th lap.

Merja wrote an interesting Article on this in the Namibian pg2 30/8/06.


Of course this was sad and disappointing as we thought of finishing 2’nd behind a very fast space frame Evolution.


Now my job is to do some more fine-tuning and fix the little bugs, such as a barely coping cooling system.

No, the race bug has not bitten me again, but I am looking forward to the next race.



Speak to you soon.






It is from passions that all our pleasures are derived          Speed is one such passion

Walter Wolf