Newsletter 39

10 October 2006


a Good day to you all


Now let me spoil it, by reproducing (without permission) a few lines from my valued suppliers:

Because of the increase in costs with the escalating exchange rate + Fuel price increase, we are unfortunately forced to move prices upwards as new stock arrives. 


Due to the weakening of the Rand / dollar exchange rate, we have been forced to increase our prices.  The increase in our prices to you has been kept to a minimum in hope that the exchange rate will stabilize


Yeah, right and when the $/Rand dropped from 10 to 6 nothing was mentioned because “All these years we absorbed the costs and now…” or similar.

What I do is revise my prices twice a year whenever a particular large amount of stock arrives. This is typically in October and March.

I do take the exchange rate and latest pricing by my suppliers into account while working out the price per Kg. Therefore you see a weight per product column on my pricelists. Now you know why you are unlikely to get the same product cheaper in Southern Africa.


But to get to the News:

One of the more unusual jobs was to take an Angolan 2.4 Fuel injected Hilux (22RE motor) and plant in a 2.7 Hilux motor and changed that to carburetion.

The photo alongside shows the Intake we fabricated to take a 38 Weber carburettor.

Since this motor runs coil packs and has no Distributor, we had to use a Gotech Pro to drive the Ignition.

Power loss was close to 17 Kw but the Customer got what he wanted for the BAD Angolan fuel.

OK, we went very conservative on the Timing to take Samangol into account.


Every once in a while we find out that a K&N filter got mis/ or incorrectly treated.

“Fit it and forget it is the motto”. If left alone it can only clog and that takes a long time.

If you think it is clogged and are far away from a service possibility (use a K&N cleaning kit please), tap it lightly and remove the worse crud (or mud) with a soft brush.

The K&N works with statically laden oil. So spraying it with your favourite muti will only destroy its amazing filtration abilities. If you have K&N oil but no cleaner, you can wash it out with Dishwash in a pinch, but this is not recommended procedure by K&N.

I am just about to launch my Motorcycle & ATV filters more aggressively.

Also my website is not the last resort should you wish to look up your particular application.


Ah what wonder. “I just need a branch, because I had a freeflow fitted…”. The Header works together with a freeflow. Just as the Header construction is important, so is the freeflow. No, any big unobstructed pipe will not do with my headers. There are many different theories, but you can’t just mix recipes. Also a stage 2cam does not equal my 272.




We only supply Genuine Weber carburettors manufactured on the original Weber tooling, in the original Spanish Weber factory. All Genuine Weber carburettors have the Weber logo cast into the body in one or more places, and will also have "Made in Spain" stamped into the body. Any carburettor not having these distinctive markings will NOT be a genuine Spanish made original Weber carburettor, even if it is sold as such.


Your car deserves Genuine Weber Quality, so when you purchase a Weber replacement or performance carburettor, insist that it bears the genuine markings.



Just because I am busy does not mean I cannot do the job on your car. I only mention this because some people think I am a bakery with bread and friendly service always on tap. If you come in chomping at the bit to talk to me while I am flowing a head or doing a Dyno-tune, you will be disappointed, as I do not just cease in these activities. My staff should by now be competent at handling the regular queries and sales, but if you wish to speak to me, PLEASE make an appointment.


That’s all for now