Newsletter No 41

16 November 2006



The end of the year is neigh.

To help all those in the trade we will only close our sales division on the 22/12/06 re-opening latest on the 8/1/07.

I will probably be in Windhoek  somewhere around the 27/28 December, so you are welcome to phone 081-124 0375 and leave a message should you need something.

My workshop will be closed from 15/12/06 to 8/01/07.

As I am writing this, I am well booked already. NiceJ

So if you wish me to work on our vehicle, please do book now.


Some of my SA suppliers informed me that year end orders are to be submitted before the 20’th October with the closure of 8 Dec to 8 Jan 2007.

How am I supposed to know how much stock I need during a ¼ year ? When these good folks re-open they won’t be able to satisfy my next order until February.

Never mind that I only got this writ by the 24’th of October *.


Also what amazes me, for lack of a better word, is that I am a “sole agent” for quite a few products. But when you phone the factory in SA they will gladly sell to you direct and advise you “Nick, will sort out any problems on the spot, should you have any”. The poor sod then comes to me for advice and all I can give him is he following “trailer your car to the person in SA who informed you incorrectly”.


On a positive note, New GOTECH Pro-X is here. Introductory price is 5750

It can do a lot of things, but should only be fitted by the more experienced installer.


I get asked quite often why I don’t modify Diesels.

Getting power out of a Diesel is so easy, change in timing and more fuel.

Timing changes internal combustion temperature, as well as exhaust.      No good to have a Turbo overheat.

Overfueling causes Ring-wash and a resultant increase in oil consumption down to engine failure.

So if you do not go about this conservatively then your engine life expectancy suffers.

So I rather go about it thus and fit an intercooler on the KB 280 and B 2500.

If you suspect a fault speak to DieselTech.

And if your heart is set on a chip then we can install a Plug ‘n Play unit that can be removed and installed at whim.

            Plug ‘n plays currently price at 5635 N$ for most models.


To the left is a picture of a Catalytic converter.

Imagine how much power you gain once you remove that restriction in your Exhaust.


Then pop in a UNICHIP and your Car really moves with a reduction in fuel consumption.



If you are looking for an end of year present for yourself or somebody else, why not pop by.

We have Mini Maglites as well as LED Maglites

Knife or SS mug ?

Binoculars and a Hammock to lie in.

Or if you want promo items engraved with your Company’s name- we can supply it engraved.



We are also going to start punting K&N filters for Motorbikes, ATV’s etc.



X          X          X

Please note that our trade discounts also apply to the fitting and tuning of UNICHIP, GOTECH etc.

Feel free to browse my website.


Sadly I had to implement a new ruling due to some company’s reluctance in paying me on time, or an apparent delay in the postal service.

This means that I would like to see the payment in my Account no later than the last day of the month.

Terms strictly 30 days for those with an account.

Should these companies be unable to comply wit, I advised them to feel free and contact me.

I am sure they can make alternate arrangements if they are unable to comply with my terms, otherwise I will just close their account.

This is especially critical in December.    Why don’t they make use of a direct payment or Internet Banking ?


I have thought about creating a website of those people and instances that are loath to pay.

Name      Date Invoiced       amount   reason for not paying

I think the problem is in policing it, to make sure somebody’s name does not end up there by “mistake”.


That’s all for now




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