Newsletter No 42

12 December 2006


Molo, Avuxeni, Hi, Hello, Kusile, Hola, Ola, Howdy, Kia ora, Bonjour, Habari gani, Walele po, Mulembe, Sawubona, Dumela, Bhota, Konichiwa, Shalom, Namaste, Vannakam, Hola, As salaamu alaikum, Ndaa, Thobela, Muli-uli, Muli-shani, Walale, Mwabuka buti, Mwuli bwanji, Lotjha, Heita, Namaskar, Kemcho, Gia sou, Namaskarum, Haribol, Narayan, Howzit, Whassup, Ciao, Goeie dag, Good day, Dobra jutra, Peace, G'day, Dobri den and the top of the morning to you!


What else can I say, except that the end of the year is upon us.

I hope you got most things done, that you wanted to achieve.


We got a massive consignment of K&N’s in and will still market them at a ROE of 6.5:1 until early 2007.

We have increased our stocks vastly on the on the Bike segment.  As you can see by the tasteful ad on page 107 of December Bike SA.


Nearly all modern cars have a Lambda sond (also called a Oxygen sensor) in the exhaust manifold to keep the mixture at stoichiometric 14.7 kg air to 1 kg Fuel.

These units can break, especially if they get contaminated by leaded fuel or “mechanic hands”.

We now stock a universal

3wire    750 N$

4wire    842 N$

Of course 1 wire and wide band sonds are available on request.

Includes VAT, while installation can be a DIY project.


We also now stock desiccant sachets to draw moisture out of the Air.

These protect your Guns, Electronics', switch gears and cables with this unique desiccant, encapsulate and dryer


A long time ago I attempted to streamline the order process ?
If a prospective customer wishes to enquire about prices he can phone us and get a part # and price or check it up on
All prices are coupled to a part #, to alleviate confusion.

            My predicament is, that I get between 5 and 18 calls an hour. There is no way that between the 3 of us we can remember who wanted to know what, a day or 3 weeks later.

            Sadly most people do not understand that I am not trying to be difficult, but I am only trying to cope.

            How else can I do  plenty of business in the future ?



Please “Hou maatigheid voor oë” over the festive season, as this type of scenario is hard to explain to anybody.



Since I am sending my Mechanics home this Friday, I will spend next week cleaning up the workshop and then take leave. So if you need anything, get it NOW please.

I should be back in the office on the 10 Jan 07 and if I have a quiet period in February (as usual), I will do some travelling on my BMW GS80.


I thank you for your support in the past and hope for your continuous support over the coming years.


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."    Aristotle