Newsletter No 43


13 February 2007


Hi and welcome back


I hope all of you had a relaxing festive season and got your 2007 lined up steady.


For me it has been one of the longest holidays ever- 3 weeks, fantastic !

Most of the time I spent in the bush. Maybe I should quit this job and do something less “people orientated” ? Again the grass is always greener on the other side.


Sorry to have kept you waiting for over 2 Months for this Newsletter, but I was going to jump something on you, sadly this has been delayed due to outside circumstances.

Hopefully I can put this into the next newsletter.


I have noticed more people doing conversions on their Cars.

3L Cressida or 4L Lexus motors in the Hilux are quite popular.

Or sprucing up their old Fords etc.

            What bothers me, is that there are people out there who buy their parts all over the show and then expect me to help them with free-advice. Or even worse get all running for nothing.


To give you some example of what I am expected to do.

1)      a gentleman bought a GOTECH in South Africa through a Newspaper and wanted me to install and tune it. I had to explain to him, that he might also have to bargain the price of  new unit into his equation, as I could not guarantee if the unit he bought was fit.

2)      Another gentleman bought a Dicktator in South Africa and installed it himself and then just wanted me to Dynotune it. No problem with that, but when a car does not even start it needs a whole lot more than Dynotuning.

3)      I rebuilt one Customers motor before Christmas and when he dropped it of recently without an appointment and without any gauges working, he puzzled me. How am I supposed to check if all is Ok on said motor ?

This means to say that I can DO most things, but why would you want to pay for a professional service after going the cheap route ?


December was the time of the year again, were parents wanted Drop Kits for their kids or needed somebody to fix the drop kit installed elsewhere.

A good suspension kit can drop your car 2 inches or not at all. But that kit is supposed to tighten up your ride and include a lot more than just springs; such as shocks, torsion bars etc.

Those 300-buck kits consist of springs, which often sag a short while after fitting. This not only makes the cars stance look sick, but also makes the handling even more disgusting. You are better of shortening your cars stock springs.


My K&N’s have experienced a change in prices.

My freight costs have decreased but the Dollar has become stronger.


The MileMarker Winches are getting a reasonable feedback now that people have seen something made to work and not to show off.

We hope to be able to market these winches below R 9500.00, as we have now managed to improve our Sea Freight rates. Up to you to order.


So not much has changed from the past, apart from my being busier than usual.

Rest assured that I do back my products and try to help as best as I can.

If you think my prices are not in line, please tell me as I firmly believe that my prices should be the best in the industry.

Although I am pretty well booked already (best February for a long time), please do not hesitate to contact me for an appointment to have your car run better.


To end this with an amusing story.

Somebody out-of-town gave his local spares shop a Cylinder head for porting.

Said shop sent it to a South African company who then returned it to me.

We all specialise in something and I can work magic on the Toyota R series heads.

So by the time it got sent back to SA and then to Namibia again, Christmas had passed and everybody had a giggle about this in the end.



This quote with my best wishes again for the New Year. 

“What's the use of a fine house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?”

 Henry David Thoreau (American Essayist, Poet and Philosopher, 1817-1862) 


Nick von Bergen