Newsletter No 46


14 June 2007

Hi. There


No doubt you might have wondered why you have not received a newsletter in over 2 Months.

Firstly my PC crashed after somebody attempted the cloning of my HD.

The person who set up my Back-up also made a boo-boo, so I was left stranded and extremely unhappy.

Well now I am back. Please do advise me if you wish to be removed from this list or if you were on but with a different address.


I have just returned from SA business trip.

Firstly- Nam is cheaper !

But there are 2 exciting things I want to share with you:

1)         We will go into Diesel tuning. As long as the Motor is electronically controlled and has a Turbo. Either via plug ‘n play +- 5000 N$ or by a soldered in a UNICHIP 2 to 3000 N$ all included. It will improve the Power dramatically.

2)         I am now qualified to install the new Uni-Q. What sets it apart from the old UNICHIP, is its versatility. One can go closed loop, control 5 outputs, have 5 different maps (switchable with a switch or Bluetooth) etc. So if you want to control your VVTi or fly by wire throttle, Lambda sonds or put in a very different immobiliser, it can be done. Prices range from 2500 for the Uni-Q incl. installation, Dynotune and 3-month money back satisfaction guarantee.

The Uni-Q really excites me. I think it has the best NOS controller around- Timing, NOS % (actually Duty cycle) RPM/Load dependant. But who wants to run NOS anyway ? Disgusting !

I can run a far more precise CNG, LPG control than what is currently available (which resembles a controlled leak more than anything else).

Of course Boost control is also far more precise than the usual fixed Boost pressure wastegate system. In my next Newsletter I’ll concentrate more on Compression Ratio vs. Boost vs. Timing vs. Octane rating.

Of course this is not the end of my news on the Uni-Q, but more on this in the future.

Meanwhile give me a shout if you want to do something with this product.


Maybe you can help me with a 2'nd hand Laptop with a serial port that runs at least at 1 GHz ?

The screen should be 1240 X 768

LAN would be nice.



I have done some thinking recently (I know what some of you might be thinking right now J).

Why do we Namibians always expect to be served ?

An example; when you want a dishwasher you go to your local merchant, sees what he has on the floor and choose one.

Not much different to the general way of purchasing a vehicle and taking whatever the dealer offers you.

How often do I not hear the famous question “Wat het jy vir my motor”.

What I do when I am in the market for something, I make a Brief and then forward that to my potential suppliers.
If it is for a Telephone system or Insurance. This way I know exactly what I want.

You can only expect to have your desires fulfilled, if you know what you desire.



The following eMail exchange is typically of what I often come across:


Which Turbochargers do you guys install on 2l Opel engines in general,
since I noticed in South Africa the custom conversion trends in general
feature T3/T4 hybrid turbos. Could you please mail me a quote for a
turbo conversion including the wastegate, dumpvalve, turbo and
intercooler. Are ther any huge differences between the A,B and C
versions of UNICHIP?

Your reply will be of great value to me!




Hi Back

WE generally don't do turbo's.
Simply to do it properly costs too much.

If you doubt my words consider the following.
I was in charge of building the Guinness fastest Twin turbo Testarossa for Lotec, plus group C +++
Right now I am freshening up our 3SGTE effort which produces over 300 kW reliably for Angolan racing.
I also have just landed a 200 SX Turbo contract for Angola.
As you can imagine I have done a lot of work with turbo's but can only tell you one thing.
Do it as a hobby and bear the consequences.....
Or do all the development right and sell that as a kit to recoup your development money.

I don't want to come on as a know-it-all but trust me that most SA turbo conversions are 3-times oversized.
A T-25 Turbo can make about 200 Hp without causing undue backpressure.
I used 2 on my 3.5 L BMW motors to make 550 Hp for street use.
T3/4 Hybrid should be good for 500 Hp+ with a massive hole down low.
There is no magic to it, just a basic AR calculation coupled to pressure behind the Turbine.

The letter in front of the Uni denotes what Engine management it works with.
The Opel is usually some stone-age Motronic, so it should use a B.

Hope this helps

Nick von Bergen

                             *                           *                           *



Just to clear a point, I'm the guy that called you the other day

concerning an opel monza 2L camshaft. i have decided to go with the 276

degree route, But I did budget for porting aswell. i need to know the

approximate diffenrence it could  make or advice. since I don't want

waste 2k on porting when that money could be much better spent on an

intercooler in my opinion. I will definately bring the car for a UNICHIP






Dear Willem


I would appreciate it if you surfed my Website a bit.

Every tuner does things differently and whom you chose is your decision.

Of course I would like you to make use of my services, I do understand that this being your hobby, you would want to work together with somebody who you can feel comfortable with and relate to.

Remember the tuning industry has grown rapidly in the last 5 years and there are very few good/reputable guys around, but a lot of guys who have a "gladde Bek".


I personally would modify my car in the following sequence, if I don't want to do all at once:


Header FF


Head & Cam + retune


If you want to Turbocharge, why would you wan a non-stock cam ?

And if you want to turbocharge the headporting is just a cherry on top.

Turbocharging you have to go whole hog at once.








From the above, you have probably gathered that I am really not a sales/marketing guy, but more technically inclined.

I do advise you to make use of the Internet to source you some information.

Tech websites are a good way to go, but beware of Forum’s. Most people commenting I them are about as clued up as you are and you want to gather NEW and CORRECT info.


For those of you wanting to compare different brands of Air filters.

K&N is used in F1, A1GP, Indy Racing League, Dakar rally, Kenny Roberts motor racing… And K&N will be implemented standard in AMG models (Mercedes house tuner).

You need to get information about filtration numbers or figures, to really compare the brands.

The world’s best air filter…      K&N

Comparing the $#% to a K&N is probably similar to comparing a Ural to an BMW J

In order to convince yourself to buy a K&N please, ask yourself if you’d rather drives a BMW or Fiat?

On that note I want to mention that a new K&N consignment just arrived and will be up o my Website the moment my PC get’s working properly again.



Don't sign anything unless you understand exactly what the Latin bits mean!