Newsletter No 53


09 May 2008

Hi There


I have just returned from Joburg with aLand Cruiser that I intend doing some development on.

The idea is to see how low I can get the fuel consumption whilst increasing the power considerably.

Certain things, like the “auto enrichment” feature also puzzle me. Hope I will be enlightened there also.

We have done quite some work on these 4500 Cruisers, such as developing an exhaust system that radically increases the torque of this vehicle. This was designed after I lost too much torque for my liking with the performance cam.


In the meantime, we have developed a very nice kit for the 4L Hilux/Fortuner that comprises a Unichip, Exhaust system & K&N costing 9000 N$- all inclusive or 11 000 with the Apollo kit mentioned below. The latter will make noise through the intake.

On the Auto models you get a crisper shift pattern as a bonus.

This is similar to the stage2+ we did on the Nissan V6 that cost 10 500 but included some “special” cams. There was an article on this conversion in Car-Magazine a few years ago. There is of course also the stage 3 that includes the head porting.


On the 2.7 Hilux we managed to get around the auto enrichment feature, giving you even better fuel consumption. Cost 3000 for the Unichip. We can upgrade & re-tune previous jobs for N$ 750, provided we fitted the Uni-Q previously.

We are busy testing the same idea on the 4.5 Cruiser. This should really help to save some fuel.



 We also did some work on a Lumina 5.7L that culminated with a performance exhaust system costing 8500 N$.

Thankfully this customer did give me feedback:

Thanks for an awesome job with the exhaust. Sounds perfect and it runs as smooth as anything.

I don’t think it’s necessary to do any more adjustments.


Feedback is a necessity, as that is the only way we know if we are giving the customers what they want and improve on our work: First of all just want to say thanks up to now the car has been performing wonderfully!!
The Okahandja drags on the 26th last month went very well!! Won 6 out of 8 races not bad hey.
What I noticed is that this past weekend (3rd and 4th may) it seemed as if I was feeling a bit more power in the car again.
I got a few friends that say normally the powerflow and chip and stuff usually take about a month or so to really start having an effect. Is that true?
Anyway thanks for the modifications done superbly on my car! I am definitely one of your most satisfied customers!



Our LPG control is progressing to the point that I would like a trial vehicle to test this out on.

So if you want to convert your vehicle to LPG, CNG or propane, or have already done so- contact me please.

We can control the fuelling & timing much better with the Unichip than most other methods in use right now.


Often I get the requests for a Dyno run to see what Power the vehicle makes.

This is fine, if you can tell me what norm you wish me to use in rating your car.

There are many different norms on the market, so it is very difficult to compare my 100 DIN Kilowatt to those 138 of Johnny’s Dynotune & muffler shop.

Power figures are meaningless unless taken at the same shop and used for comparison.


When does your car need a re-tune ? If you have modified something on your engine it is a good idea.

Also if your vehicle has aged a lot since we tuned it the last time.

Of course you can also ask me to check somebody else’s work and see if I can improve on that J

This is a godsend for those of you who want to improve on your intake system. Cost 1300 to 2000 N$

K&N Engineering, Inc. News
K&N Universal Apollo Closed Air Intake System Now Available in Silver, Red and Blue

K&N has released three new universal closed intake systems (CIS) for its Apollo line of air induction kits. These are for use with normally aspired engines up to 250BHP and turbo engines up to 350BHP. The new releases are the same except for color, RC-5052AL is blue, RC-5052AS is silver and RC-5052AR is red. Apollo part number RC-5052AB is also available in black. These universal induction kits are primarily used in the European market. They are not allowed for street use in some U.S. states.

K&N's RC-5052AL Universal Apollo Closed Air Intake System
K&N's RC-5052AL Universal Apollo CIS

The Apollo's outer shell is made of a durable lightweight material that helps keep incoming air cool as it enters the engine chamber. The Apollo incorporates a K&N lifetime replacement air filter which allows for virtually unrestricted air flow.

K&N's RC5052AR Universal Apollo Air Induction System
K&N's RC-5052AR Universal Apollo CIS
K&N's RC-5052AS Universal Apollo CIS

K&N's RC-5052AS Universal Apollo CIS

K&N's Apollo comes with a cold air hose with a specially designed radius end cap so cooler outside air can be directed into the engine. It also has an assortment of vent adaptors including a blanking plug which covers the adapter hole if a vent is not needed.

The standard neck is 70mm, although 60 and 80 mm adaptor sleeves are available separately along with a universal bracket kit.

The K&N Apollo CIS contains a general multi-lingual installation sheet with pictures. The Apollo is backed by K&N's Million Mile Warranty.

Find K&N products for your vehicle using the K&N application search.


Finally I want to leave you with the following thought


“Don’t assume
that spending
twice as much
will be twice as satisfying.”

Amy Dacyczyn, Writer
Quoted in “Bits & Pieces” 
The Economics Press UK Ltd,
Great Britain